We are going to pound this into your heads as well as the heads of people you share this article with until the stupidity of the debate gets to a happy place! What is that “Happy Place” you might ask? The rescheduling of Cannabis for starters, which as you may or may not know is a class 1 drug alongside Crystal Meth, Heroin, LSD, Peyote, Ecstasy and a few others. The absurdity of the DEA’s scheduling is that Cocaine and Methamphetamine are actually Schedule II drugs, while marijuana continues to be Schedule 1, yet has never killed someone via overdose.Can we say that about Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Heroin or Peanuts for that matter? Why is Marijuana still subject to some of the strictest classification by the DEA?

The answer is that the Drug Enforcement Agency has it’s head up its ass and that would be an understatement, but also Big Pharma wants to synthesize the plant for its drug therapies first, as such they funnel millions of dollars into the Anti-Cannabis lobbying groups on K Street. And while these paid for regulators sit on their hands is still on a schedule list that says that there is “no currently accepted medical use?”

When Colorado went legal all of these touts, lobbyists and evangelical Christians said this wouldbe the end of the civilized world. They said crime would escalate, overdoses and fatalities would rise. Unfortunately, these people have been proven wrong. Crime Down! Overdoses down! Weight gain, slightly up! I tend not to believe people that are climate change deniers, people that think the world is 6,000 years old or people that believe Jesus walked on water, but for some oddreason people listen to this kind of bullsh*t, but I digressed. Meth vs Marijuana.

If you made it through my long winded diatribe you can clearly see that my position is that the people that stand on the soap box of moral authority are the people that are the biggest dumb fucks around. Yes, I said Fuck, I own the site so will say what I want. These dummies and government agencies compared cannabis grow houses to Meth houses! I guess these guys never saw “Breaking Bad,” or looked at a mugshot of someone busted for weed vs busted for Meth. Maybe they’ve never read the statistics of deaths related meth and seen the giant zero next to next to Marijuana fatalities.

Here’s a video of Marijuana VS Meth, people need to get angry about this and beat logic into the bureaucrats that keep Cannabis a Schedule 1 drug because they’d have you believe is just as dangerous as Meth or Cocaine, all I can say is nobody ever sucked some D for some weed because they were “addicted,” Cocaine or meth on the other hand is a different story…

Regards-The Wolf

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