Eating disorders have been becoming much more prevalent, although they were already popular in the past. Some people simply do not get the urge to eat, and obviously, they must. Here is one solution that they likely have not tried: marijuana. After smoking marijuana, everyone knows that your appetite opens up, and you will likely eat more. This is what is known as “the munchies” in cannabis cultures.

“I used to never be able to eat. There was definitely something wrong with me… As a result, I couldn’t obtain enough energy for my days, and just knew I was slowly killing my body,” says Brian Rice about his eating disorder. “Thanks to weed, though, I’ve been able to open that appetite up. I no longer lack energy, nor do I fear for my future.”

Often, cancer patients are given marijuana in order to open up their appetite, so, theoretically, why wouldn’t someone be able to obtain medical marijuana if they are having problems with their appetite? Of course, there are some issues that come with this. For instance, there is no way to ensure that this person is actually not feeling hungry and would rather just smoke weed. And additionally, it would need to be approved by Congress.

The latter is more of an issue than the former. In fact, the former can not exist without the latter. Congress has been very tough when choosing what conditions and diseases will have access to medical marijuana. For example, Congress has been very tough when dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. PTSD is a common condition among veterans who have been traumatized. They have been fighting for Congress to allow them to access medical marijuana, which is believed to have benefits for PTSD, for quite some time now. However, Congress has not budged.

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  1. If you consume a strain of marijuana that has a tendency to cause ‘munchies’, you will definitely find yourself eating more. This might be just the thing that those with an eating disorder need. Thanks for sharing.

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