Airports are turning to marijuana. People who travel on airplanes within Oregon will be granted the access to transport a minimal quantity after Oregon’s recreational cannabis law went into action July 1.
In reference from Fox 12 Oregon, passengers traveling through Portland International Airport, which is Oregon’s largest airport, will not be removed from the line and pulled away if security officials happened to find a small amount of marijuana.
The TSA stated it main concern was to “detect threats to aviation security,” not apprehend adult cannabis users who abide by the state’s 28-gram limitation.
If a fellow traveler heading to his flight is discovered to be holding pot on his personal security officials will alert law officers, who will investigate whether the traveler is of the legal age to have marijuana and to make sure they are not traveling out of state.
Travelers heading outside the state of Oregon will have to leave the marijuana behind or in a safe enlace upon the travelers return to Oregon because transporting it to another state still remains a federal crime.”I don’t care if they got it in their pocket. I could care less as long as they can’t smoke it in the airport, you can’t smoke it in the airplane. So depends on if wherever they’re going if it’s legal, that’s fine with me,” Arnold Lucht told Fox 12.

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