International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco, February 15 & 16

By all reports, The International Cannabis Business Conference of 2014 was an active success. Ladybud’s founder and publisher, Diane Fornbacher, was one of the industry professionals who spoke at the first International Cannabis Business Conference. With only a short time left until the second International Cannabis Business Conference, many industry insiders are preparing for a powerful and meaningful conference in San Francisco next month.

The second International Cannabis Business Conference event will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco on Sunday, February 15th, 2015 and Monday, February 16th. Both days will entail well-respected and successful presenters, panels on relevant topics and the chance to network with some of the big power players in the marijuana business and activism worlds. currently, there are only 50 tickets available to the public. Early registration to the event for both days is $599 and $849 for those that want to upgrade and attend the VIP reception. Considering that the VIP reception allows for networking with some of the core speakers before the big meeting even begins, it may be a smart investment for some industry members.

Unlike many of the “networking and education” conferences about cannabis that seem to be popping up all over the place, the ICBC has real relations and ties to ongoing activism efforts and has shown dedication to conscientious capitalism and proper businesses practices in an industry often polluted by snake oil salesmen and quick-rich-quick con artists. In fact, many of their excellent speakers are people vigorously working to rid prohibition, such as Dr. Carl Hart, Ph.D,who recently testified in front of a federal judge in California that marijuana should not be a Schedule I substance. Other key points from their San Francisco speaker roster include:

Dale Sky Jones

Rick Steves

Doug Fine

Amber Senter

Steve DeAngelo

Debby Goldsberry

As their choice of speakers makes amply clear, the ICBC’s focus on the first day of the event this year will be activism. Given how closely many are eying California for complete legalization efforts, this conference coming at the perfect time. Those wishing to help influence policy as it develops or those hoping to create or build a marijuana-related business in the recent developing legal markets will definitely benefit from speakers who have been fighting on the forefront for decades in some cases.

The second day of the ICBC’s San Francisco event will tune in more on business; in addition to presentations by successful cannabis business men and women, there will be panels on marijuana businesses and dispensaries in particular which will surely be helpful to those considering getting involved in the California Green Rush.

Tickets for admission to the 2015 San Francisco International Cannabis Business Conference are currently available for sale online as of the publication of this article (click here to purchase). You can follow updates on the event by liking the Facebook page for the International Cannabis Business Conference here.



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