Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has introduced a bill that would put an end to the prohibition of marijuana. This is the newest move by the presidential candidate that opposes the war on drugs the most, it seems. Just a week ago, Bernie Sanders announce that he wanted ti get rid of marijuana from the Federal list of dangerous drugs. Now he has taken his words into actions by introducing The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which resembles the bill produced by Representative Jared Polis in 2013. The bill, as previously mentioned, would remove pot from the DEA’s list of most dangerous drugs and also remove the drug from the Controlled Substances Act, which would allow states to vote on whether or not they would like to legalize marijuana medically or recreationally without any interference from the Federal Government.

“Just as alcohol prohibition failed in the 1920s, it’s clear marijuana prohibition is failing today,” Polis stated. “For decades, the federal ban on marijuana has wasted tax dollars, impeded our criminal justice system, lined the pockets of drug cartels, and trampled on states’ ability to set their own public health laws. … Today’s introduction of the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act in the Senate is a huge step forward in the movement to enact the common sense drug laws needed to grow our economy and restore fairness to our justice system.”

The bill comes a week after Sanders first addressed removing marijuana from the most dangerous substance list, stating that removing the drug would be a very important part of reforming the criminal justice system.

“In the United States we have 2.2 million people in jail today, more than any other country. And we’re spending about $80 billion a year to lock people up. We need major changes in our criminal justice system – including changes in drug laws,” Sanders told George Mason University last week. “Too many Americans have seen their lives destroyed because they have criminal records as a result of marijuana use. That’s wrong. That has got to change.”

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