Finding What The Market Is Hungry For When Connecting The Dots

Yesterday we released a report on a company and industry that we think could begin to establish itself over the next 12-18 months.  Companies like GW Pharma and INSYS Therapeutics have already built out a corner of this growing market.  With a company like Oxis International, Inc, announcements like the one it delivered Monday show us that this is where the action within the marijuana industry may really be in the near future.

Two big reasons stand out as to why this may be the shift we begin to see and why successful deployment will be paramount in becoming a stand-out company: 1. The biotech sector is on fire with major developments and much more attention from an investment stand-point and 2. Cannabis biotechs have very little to actually do with the sale of the plant. For example, if a state like Maryland or Florida happens to fall short of passing a legalization ruling (exactly the case with Florida) then companies are “SOL” when it comes to doing business, thus resulting in the potential for less investment opportunity.

On the flip side with biotech, they derive the useful components from the plant, combine it with existing methods and then include it in a drug therapy or medicine, completely unassociated with legalization of marijuana. In the case of OXIS, the company went through the rigors of going current, they put a CEO in place (Tony Cataldo) who’s experience in running biotechs is impressive to say the least. He took Genesis Bio Pharma (previously GNBP) now Lion Biotech from a penny stock company and built it into a company of substance that ended up going to $18 a share within a few years. On top of that they brought on one of the foremost authorities on CBD research which is very important when developing an organization and product set within the biotech space.  This is where many companies fall short but OXIS has managed to bring on Dr. Xie to head up the research for the company.  What we saw in the market yesterday was an incredible surge of market activity and doors open to new investment from what may have been investors who have identified the same opportunity for biotechs in the marijuana space as we have.

Our last connecting the dots piece focused on CannaGrow Holdings (CGRW) which has jumped in price by more than 1,300% in the last 3 months.  What’s better yet is that the company is progressing with its Colorado facility build.  In fact, this morning the company announced an update on the Colorado project.  Mr. Janovec, CannaGrow Holdings, CEO, stated, “NuGro Industries, the Landowner and developer for the Colorado Buffalo Ranch Project in Huerfano County, executed the Purchase Order from Olympia Steel Buildings for the Head-House facility. With last week’s initial approval of the Land Use Application from the Huerfano County Planning Commission, NuGro Industries felt confident that final approval will be granted.

If CannaGrow was any benchmark to what connecting the dots really meant, we feel that OXIS could be well positioned within its respective biotech segment of the cannabis industry should it continue to move ahead following its latest announcement about Dr. Xie.

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