Cannabiotech is Beginning to Take Over


The cannabis industry over the course of the past few years has been one of the most lucrative spaces to invest in and watch. As legalization continues to be approved around the nation and various countries throughout the world, the introduction of the biotech space into cannabis has sparked a whole new series of innovations for the future of health.

One of the biggest wins in the world of marijuana biotech was a little over a week ago as one of the most popular companies in this niche side of the market, became able to sell their marijuana-based medication known as Epidiolex. GW Pharmaceuticals has been one of the many propagators of the market moving forward to find new treatments across this space. The main ingredient in this pharmaceutical, CBD, has been one of the most highly studied compounds within the cannabis plant for several decades now.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of two main chemicals that researchers study when looking to find new uses for cannabis as a medicine. One of the main properties of the component is that it is non-psychoactive or in other words, it doesn’t get the user high. This is especially important when looking for new medicines to aid the treatment of seizure or other ailments in children and those who would not benefit from any psychoactive components. The drug made by the aforementioned manufacturer has been stated to be one of the main reasons that the industry has continued to move forward. For treatment in children between the ages of 3 and 5 with a rare epileptic disorder known as Dravet Syndrome, Epidiolex has shown the world a new light as to how cannabis can be an innocent drug.

The cannabis biotech world has been moving forward rapidly throughout the world as these new drugs show a light of opportunity in a market that can sometimes not have any. Aside from just prescription drugs made from the cannabis substance, new medicines including patches and advanced methods of dispersion throughout the body have been leading the way. These new substances have shown themselves to be some of the most innovative and promising treatments and cures for a vast majority of the ailments we suffer from. Cannabis has been shown to treat everything from pain reduction to insomnia in a much better fashion than most of the harsh drugs normally prescribed to treat these patients. With little to no side effects for most patients, marijuana seems to be one of the best alternatives on the market. The industry still has a long way to go in terms of research which means that there is an ever-growing potential that has been fueling a massive influx of capital into the space overall.

Cannabis all too often has received a bad rap through decades of propaganda and misinformation. As the cannabis biotech sector begins to take over, more and more of the public are beginning to realize the massive amount of potential that is held within this one component of the marijuana plant. Stories have come out illustrating the dramatic seizure reduction that these drugs can offer to patients all across the board, but the one thing that stands in the way is the federal legalization of the substance in the U.S. Although this may seem like a large roadblock, the feds have shown that they are willing to approve the use of these groundbreaking drugs. The Food and Drug Administration or FDA recently approved the sale of Epidiolex throughout the U.S. which was a major step forward not only for the children who need the drug to survive but for the paradigm of the industry as a whole. As mentioned before, the connotations with cannabis that has been negative, have slowly begun to be worn away as time proves cannabis’ potential.

As we move throughout a future of cannabis biotech, the companies that continue to lead innovation in the space are the ones that are highlighting the need for new ways of treating the wide variety of illnesses that cannabis has been known to combat.


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