Because of rapid growth expectations for a lifestyle product that many celebrities also use, people are beginning to invest in the marijuana industry. The amount of celebrities who financially and publicly support marijuana businesses include sundry celebrities, most of which are not surprising to anyone (Snoop Dogg, country music star Willie Nelson, Seth Rogen, members of the Marley family, etc.).

However, there is also a list of supporters that are celebrities that may come off as a surprise. “Former boyband star (and ex-husband of Jessica Simpson) Nick Lachey, former NBA great Oscar Robertson, former talk show host Montel Williams, singer Melissa Etheridge, and current NFL defensive tackle Frostee Rucker” have all began to put their money into marijuana businesses. Some of them claim it is an attraction to cannabis that got them to invest in the businesses.

“A lot of the celebrities that have invested so far, this has been their hobby for a long time,” said Chris Walsh, managing editor at Marijuana Business Daily. “Many are tied to cannabis on a personal level.”

“There’s this very close link with the Marley family and cannabis,” agreed Tahira Rehmatullah. She is the general director at the cannabis company founded by the Marley family, Marley Naturals. w“It’s part of their heritage and culture.”

Elizabeth Hogan, vice-president of brand and communications at Willie’s Reserve, also stated that Willie Nelson’s strong opposition to the criminalization of cannabis is what got him to begin looking into the industry. “For him, cannabis is a big lightning rod issue for that personal freedom,” Hogan stated. Here’s what Willie Nelson himself had to say in an interview with the Guardian just a year ago: “I’ve bought a lot of pot over the years, and now I’m going to sell some back.”

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