Just about two years ago, in July, the St. Clair County Drug Task Force (DTF) infiltrated both the home as well as the business of Annette and Dale Shattuck, a pair who ran a medical marijuana dispensary in Kimball, Michigan. According to the Washington Post, Shattucks were at their dispensary, DNA Wellness Center, when DTF agents came in and incarcerated them. At the same time, their four young children were at home under as their grandmother watched them.

“DTF busted in the door that morning, a no-knock, battering ram entry,” a briefing filed by the Shattuck’s lawyer states. “During the dynamic entry, armed DTF officers wearing ski masks separated the children from their grandmother at gunpoint, shouting at her to get the dog under control or they would shoot it. The deputies kept the children lined up on the couch at gunpoint, refusing even to remove their masks to help calm the kids, including two three-year-old toddlers.”

A policeman for the task force reported that these claims were being taken out of hand. More specifically, he stated that this was all a “misrepresentation,” and that there was “no way in hell” police would aim their weapons at children. However, he did give truth that it is usual for police to pull their guns in such raids. There is no other story that shows the confusion existing in the medical cannabis’s market and its legalities than that of the Shattucks. This is so because the two went as far as they could to make sure that they were following state laws.

The Shattucks received the necessary permits and licenses from a local planning commission. In fact, Bill Orr, the chairman of the commission, thanked the Shattucks for “following the ordinance and taking the necessary steps to open the business within Kimball Township in the manner required.”

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