With recent news, marijuana may be hurrying its approach to national legalization. That news was released by The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and states that marijuana is capable of and has in the past – killing cancer cells. According to the NCIA’s updated FAW, cannabinoids have the ability to prevent the growth of tumors by killing cells, stopping cell growth and blocking the growth of blood vessels that tumors need to grow. The main concern presented by the general public is: will the marijuana also have an impact on normal cells? And the answer is no. Studies conducted upon animals show that cannabinoids may destroy cancer cells without having a negative impact on normal cells.

Cannabinoids have been proven to defend against the inflammation of the colon, reduce risks of colon cancer, and now prove to be helpful in the treatment. In liver cancer, experiments performed on liver cancer cells showed that delta-9-THC killed, or at the very least, damaged the cancer cells. Delta-9-THC was also proven to have anti-tumor effects, and may even go as far as to be beneficial for those with lung and breast cancer.

Breast cancer cells were effectively killed with cannabidiol while having trivial effects on normal breast cells. Similar to other results, the CBD may also lessen the growth, dissemination, and amount of tumors. CBD may also come to have positive effects on chemotherapy as well; CBD has also been proven to kill cancer cells with no effect on normal cells, and when mixed with Delta-9-THC, may be an even larger improvement.

These studies, however, are all preclinical – that is to say, none were performed upon humans, only animals. This does not mean that there are no positive marijuana benefits found when used on humans. For instance, marijuana increases food intake and appetite, useful for those who lose their sense of hunger during sicknesses. Cannabinoid receptors have been found in the body that help pain relief for patients who are experiencing excruciating pain. In addition to these releases, Cannabinoids have been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. After decades of public shaming by the federal government, there may finally be a quicker sway of opinion with national marijuana legalization laws.

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