Presidential campaigns who seek to destroy the cannabis industry in states which the plant is already legalized in now have little chance of winning the nomination of their parties. In an exciting reply, Republican voters in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire proved this week a serious opposition to federal involvement in state marijuana laws. A recent Public Policy Poll, conducted by the Marijuana Majority, shows that 71% of the Republican Party in Iowa and 73% in New Hampshire would like the federal government to keep their input out of marijuana laws. This is making a huge impact upon the DEA’s enforcement in the law enforcement industry.

For putting obstacles in presidential runners’ races, Iowa and New Hampshire have been very important in deciding the decision of an election for decades. The Iowa legislative members will soon begin the election season in February. Afterward, New Hampshire will begin their election season. The newest poll is imperative to the role of marijuana reform because presidential candidates are very close to meeting with party members in person to decide whether they are against or for reforms. Chris Christie – a governor from New Jersey – and Marco Rubio – a senator from Florida – have both made their campaigns completely against legal cannabis, Unfortunately for them, the country has other plans.

“We put these polls into the field because we want presidential candidates to understand that the voters in these key states — who they need support from to win — overwhelmingly want the next occupant of the Oval Office to scale back federal marijuana prohibition. Candidates who say they would send in the DEA to shut down legal, taxpaying marijuana businesses are effectively announcing that they’re out of the mainstream and out of touch with the voters they need support from in order to get elected. That type of rhetoric is just not going to score any points in 2016,” according to Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority.

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