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Dana Larsen, a popular Canadian cannabis supporter, writer, and politician, has pledged to send free cannabis seeds to people who would like to plant a marijuana “victory garden” later this year. Larsen stated the effort was an attempt to persuade the federal government to keep their election promise and end the war against cannabis.

“It is civil disobedience against the unjust pot prohibition laws that have gotten us to the verge of legalization,” Larsen said on his new site, OverGrow Canada.

Larsen is persuading potential cultivators to fill out an application on the new site. Then he promises to then personally send ten or a hundred seeds, free of charge, to any Canadian who promises to grow “openly and freely, preferably on your own property…let us finally bring farm plants out of the closet and into the fresh air where they belong.”

In February, after a very important court case, medical cannabis patients in Canada acquired the right to farm their own marijuana, regardless of laws allowed by the government that made patients purchase pot merely from federal growers. By going against this law, Larsen is expecting to see the right amount of people grow cannabis in their own homes.

Cannabis possession, making and trafficking are still illegal in Canada, despite the fact that the Ministry of Public Safety has said nothing about Larsen’s seed giveaway, an article on Vice states. On his own site, Larsen does not seem to be concerned. Earlier this year, in a plea for legalization, he sent a copy of his book, “dimebags,” to 184 Liberal Members of Canada’s Parliament. Along with this was a half-ounce of marijuana to Prime Minister Christy Clark, CBC News states.

At the same time, the newly elected government of Justin Trudeau has promised to put forth a system to legalize and control recreational cannabis in Canada, where 68 percent of the population supports that move.

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