Cliff Robinson, who has been playing in the NBA for more than eighteen years with the Portland Trailblazers, is incredibly happy; he has every reason to be. Long ago, some news came out stating that Robinson and a few people he was associated with decided to chime in on the cannabis industry. But between his presentations at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland in February, his interviews on the air, as well as a couple of podcasts, Robinson has been very requested. He may also be the most famous athlete to come forth and support cannabis, which he has loved for a majority of his life!
“For me, it was easy to be a part of the conversation and to come out and be a spokesperson for it,” Robinson stated. “Some people might not feel comfortable, but I think the more people can voice their positive experiences, the more we legitimize the cannabis industry as a whole.”
Robinson believes that data about marijuana and the industry as a whole must be shared with all consumers. The old-fashioned benefits and cons of a misinterpreted drug need to be revisited and changed to adapt to the change in time. Regardless of the marijuana industry working somewhat behind the scenes, a lot has been getting done.
“For some years now there have been a lot of smart, talented people in the cannabis field that had to keep information behind closed doors because it wasn’t legal,” he stated. “I’m learning every day.”
Back in his days as a basketball player, Robinson was suspended twice because of cannabis.
“I took risks when I was playing, and I put myself in jeopardy to be taken off the court and ended up being taken off. Right now I would tell anyone [in the NBA] to not put themselves in that position.”

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