Canada has been one of the most influential countries with regards to the global push for the legalization of cannabis. The push led to the growth of a new industry altogether as many new cannabis companies were launched and with that came many new products. One of those interesting products is edibles infused with cannabis. However, it had not been legalized for sale in the country, until now. In a new development that would definitely come as a boost for the growing cannabis industry, Health Canada has announced that edible cannabis products will be permitted to be sold legally across the country starting on October 17th. However, it added that the first batch of products will be available in the country by December of this year.

Amendment In The Schedule 4

The legalization will come about through an amendment in Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act. Once it is done, distributors and retailers will be able to sell edibles legally. However, those who already hold a federal license to sell cannabis in the country would need to give Health Canada 60 days’ notice about their plans to sell edible cannabis products in the country. Companies would be able to roll out their products a few months after the intimation. This will also allow the cannabis companies to allocate adequate resources towards the product and ensure that they have enough product to offer by the time they launch edibles.

It is also important to note that Health Canada has stated that the amount of product that is going to be sold will be limited at the beginning. Critics of the move have stated that edibles could be consumed by children, but Health Canada has directed companies to prominently mention the CBD content in their products. Also, they must put an icon to indicate that it contains cannabis.

Health Canada had conducted a survey regarding the legalization of edibles and the majority of the people who had been surveyed were in favor of edibles.

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