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The marijuana stock market has seen its fair share of volatility over the past few years. In that time, many companies have come forward, putting forth new ideas and new ways to innovate in the industry.

While these companies may not be the largest marijuana stocks in the pot stock market, they definitely present an interesting and revived opportunity for cannabis investors to take a look at. One thing of note is that the cannabis market is inherently volatile due to its infancy, but this does look like it has slowed down in recent months, allowing companies to move toward reaching their projected goals.

A U.S. Cannabis Conglomerate Making Big Moves

Nabis Holdings (NABIF/NAB) is a Canadian investment issuer currently working throughout the U.S. marijuana market. The company has stated that they are mainly focused on investing in high-quality cash flowing assets with bright futures ahead. Additionally, the company is also paying a close mind to revenue generation, EBITDA and growth overall.

For some context and background, the company was founded by the two co-founders behind MPX Bioceutical. For those who don’t know, MPX Bioceutical was purchased by iAnthus Capital for around C$835 million quite a while back, but this just goes to show their excellent track record.

The company has stated that they are focused on reaching 18 different states around the U.S. within 18 months of their inception. With only 6 months behind them, the company is well on their way to meeting this ambitious goal. Currently, Nabis Holdings has agreements in Michigan, Arizona, Washington, and California. With this aggressive expansion move, the company looks as though they could remain one of the key players in the marijuana market moving forward.

An Acquisition on the Horizon

The company recently announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire Desert’s Finest, a cannabis retailer based out of Desert Hot Springs, CA. The retailer has stated that they have around 40,000 registered patients currently in their system, with over $5.7 million in sales in the past year alone.

This in combination with a 47% gross margin means that they have quite the future ahead of them. Shay Shnet, CEO of Nabis Holdings stated that “as we continue national expansion of the Nabis footprint, we are pleased to announce our first acquisition in the state of California.”

A Small But Interesting Cannabis Company

Planet 13 (NASDAQOTH:PLNHF) may be a smaller company in the pot stock market, but they have been working to operate dispensaries around the U.S. with large amounts of success. Only recently, the company opened their flagship store in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is around 16,000 square feet.

Once the company is done with their planned expansion, the space should be as large as 112,000 square feet. With so much expansion in the works, the company does look like they may have a large amount of their free capital used up. Despite this, Planet 13 does present an interesting growth opportunity for the near and not too distant future.

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