The marijuana market has been infiltrated in the past several years with a new range of high quality edible products. But, for any of us veteran weed smokers out there, edibles are nothing new. Well smoking the substance seems to be the most popular way to consume it, the rise of the edible wave seems to be in full effect.

Cannabis has been and is being used by millions of people throughout North America and some select countries abroad, for everything from medicinal to recreational purposes. Some people however, who cannot smoke the product for various reasons, have decided to turn to the edible form of the plant to consume their weed. It turns out that there are several benefits and some cons to using cannabis this way, but it does seem to be increasing in popularity.

For starters, eating cannabis products is relatively safe. As we all know, there has never been a recorded death solely caused by overdosing on cannabis. For over a thousand years however, people have been consuming marijuana in various edible forms. These edibles can be used for everything from anxiety treatment to sleep aids, and everything in between. In legal markets around the world, edibles have become one of the cornerstones of the products that they offer. From brownies to chocolates and even teas and oils, the new wave of edible marijuana products has a lot to show for itself.

Edible cannabis is made in several ways. The most prominent way to do it however is to convert the THC into an ingestible form by way of suspending it in a fat or lipid. In other words, THC cannot be processed by the body on its own without combustion or decarboxylizing the substance. This simply means that it is heated up, and then transferred into an ingestible form. This is why people can’t simply get high by eating raw weed on its own. However, with this comes several issues that research has only just been able to uncover.

The cannabis plant has several potential therapeutic benefits, but the research has yet to be conclusive due to the substances illegality in many places around the world. Edible cannabis products however have shown themselves to be an extremely potent and highly repeatable way to use marijuana. Repeatability and quality is something that has been difficult to achieve without the proper scientific research, which is one of the main reasons we are only recently discovering new ways to use the plant.

With cannabis use on the rise around the world, it seems that consuming the substance in its edible form is one of the most beneficial ways to do so. The body is able to process weed better, and the substance itself is more bioavailable to those who use it. As we wait for legislation to continue changing in the U.S. and other nations, it seems as though research can only be conducted in a small way for now. Regardless, edible cannabis seems to be one of the most prominent and changing ways to use marijuana in the modern day.

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