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The legalization wave of hemp has helped progress CBD-based products among those looking for marijuana stocks to buy. In its wake, the CBD market has turned into a million-dollar business opportunity. CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis. CBD can be derived both from hemp as well as marijuana. It can help relax the body without altering the mind. Recent research conducted by Brightfield Group suggests that the sale of products based on CBD to be over $5 billion this year, which would be a 700% rise from 2018’s sales figure. With that here are some marijuana stocks to watch this month.

Marijuana Stocks And CBD

Sometimes it’s hard to find marijuana stocks to buy and it can be overwhelming. Often we get caught up in being a consumer, we don’t look at who is responsible for all these cannabis products. Some of your favorite marijuana companies are publicly traded. This means you can own pieces of them through pot stocks. Take GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) who is a dominant player in the market. GW Pharmaceutical is a popular marijuana stock and for good reason.

The company has managed to build a high demand for there anti-seizure CBD treatment Epidiolex. With this high demand, it seems that this could reflect in the market, making them a cannabis stock to watch. Another marijuana stock making headway with CBD products is a company called Kush Bottles (KSHB). The company business to include extracts through the purchase of CMP Wellness, a distributor of standard and custom vaporizer products. In a recent press release, KSHB announced they will be teaming up with C.A. Fortune. The deal will have them providing CBD companies access to large retail channels

“One of the challenges of building a national CBD brand is obtaining mass distribution into mainstream retailers across the U.S. and this partnership immediately upgrades the go-to-market plans for CBD brands.” said Jason Vegotsky, Chief Revenue Officer and President of KushCo Holdings.

Solid Growth in CBD Sales Bode Well For Marijuana Stocks

CBD saw the spotlight soon after 2018’s US Farm Bill was passed. Retail chains (like CVS, Kroger, Carl’s Jr., etc) quickly incorporated the CBD based products in order to reap the benefits. CBD is not limited to oils and tinctures but now includes various products like water, cosmetics and pet treats. The FDA’s recently approved CBD drug Epidiolex is used for rare seizure disorders. It has shown a commendable scope with its sales of $33 million in 2019’s Q1. This could point towards a bright future for the CBD industry; however, a lot of it weighs on the FDA’s approval.

The farm bill had amended hemp -which is low on THC compound- removing it from the list of a prohibited substance. However, marijuana still remains on the list. This caused widespread confusion around the legality of CBD. Now it’s under the FDA’s jurisdiction to clear the air and bring about definite regulations surrounding CBD and CBD infused products. On May 31 the FDA took its first step by holding a public hearing in order to gain clearer insight of CBD and its impact and effect. This brought attention back to marijuana stocks. The major concern is the degree of safety that CBD carries, and only when that is known to FDA the agency would be able to make an informed decision.

According to Brightfield’s projections, the industry could generate a total of $24 billion in sales. This includes $16.2 billion through retail chains, $3 billion by online sales and $1.3 billion through natural food stores. Many companies are increasingly venturing into the industry. What’s the next move for marijuana stock investors? 

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