Expectations are a difficult factor to contend with amongst marijuana stocks as the industry continuously goes up and down. With so much volatility in the cannabis industry, it seems as though finding a proper pot stock to watch can be a challenge. Especially for those without the right knowledge of what to look for. When it comes to investing in cannabis, there are few rules besides the traditional ones we use for investing.

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One thing to consider is how new the industry is overall. The infancy of pot stocks is one of the main reasons that we see such rampant fluctuations occurring on a regular basis. But, with a new year and a few behind us at this point, the future could hold more stability than the present. We are already beginning to see trading occur based on intrinsic value rather than speculation which is quite a good sign.

With this in mind, we can begin to craft a plan of attack as to where we want to begin looking to find the right marijuana stocks to buy. Additionally, what works for some may be different for another investor. We all have our different investing styles and financial goals which means that each person will be looking for a different company to potentially invest in. With a large number of alternatives in the industry focusing on what works for you could be a good starting point.

Does This Pot Stock Have Value?

CannTrust Holdings (CTST Stock Report) is an interesting pot stock for a few reasons. It is worth noting that the company has had some major issues in the past six months. One of the issues includes a large illicit cannabis grow which resulted in a loss of almost $60 million worth of cannabis. Additionally, the company was suspended from selling cannabis and producing the substance within Canada but that was for the 2019 year.

canntrust marijuana stock

For this year, it seems as though the company’s success is heavily dependent upon whether or not it can regain investor’s trust. It is an interesting business model and the company does have the potential to grow quite a large quantity of cannabis, but there are definitely some road bumps worth researching. For these reasons, CannTrust remains an interesting pot stock to watch, but maybe only to watch at this point.

A Big Name Alternative Marijuana Stock

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR Stock Report) is one of the leading ancillary marijuana stocks to watch. The company had quite a solid year during 2019, and it looks like 2020 could be an even better one if all things go to plan. The company operates as a REIT which means that it purchases and then leases out facilities to those who wish to grow cannabis.

Currently, it has as many as 46 properties across 14 states in the U.S. This broad spectrum allows the company to look forward to even greater growth as we move into the new year. Innovative Industrial Properties remains a very interesting pot stock to watch as we continue to move into the 2020 year.

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