“The Priceline of Pot” and a “Game Changer” for the Marijuana Industry: How Smart Investors Are Seeing Green


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    Unless you’ve been living off the grid, there is a more than likely chance you’ve heard that the Marijuana Industry is experiencing rapid growth across the United States.

    While support for federal legalization of marijuana continues to strongly increase, a small group of legal marijuana companies are strategically placing themselves in the position to reap the financial benefits on this fast-growing trend in a really big way.

    The Priceline of Pot” and a “Game Changer” for the Marijuana Industry: How Smart Investors Are Seeing Green

    Many analysts agree that Legalized Marijuana is soon to become the next big gold rush as it continues to expand at a fast pace across the United States.

    Needless to say, intelligent entrepreneurs are racing to stake their claim in this hopeful new industry. The “Green Gold Rush” is quickly producing copious amounts of opportunities for people looking for jobs in the industry such as growers, retailers, wholesalers, shippers, fertilizers, accessories, as well as baking edibles. In other words, this is only the start!

    Sadly, many investors have little to no knowledge about legalized marijuana and because of this, they are simply not set up to take advantage of the opportunity to start a new business in this emerging industry.

    Fortunately, there are other ways that could be considered an easier for the average investor to make impressive returns investing in the public markets. One good example is Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTC: LBUY). This company is stationed out of Denver, Colorado and has become a well-established industry leader and is currently poised to profit from several, if not all spaces of the booming legalized marijuana sectors.

    Priceline of Pot
    Many individuals who profited in a major way during the California Gold Rush of 1849, were not even gold miners. Many savvy entrepreneurs were able to become millionaires by creating successful companies that provided prospectors and miners with important services and supplies.

    Actually, California’s first millionaire was a man by the name of Sam Brannan, a once-Mormon who exaggerated the Gold Rush in his newspaper, The California Star. He then turned a profit from the Gold Rush by supplying miners—at hefty cost—through his general stores in San Francisco and Sacramento. For a time, Brannan’s sales topped $5,000 a day. So you have a better idea That’s the equivalent of $125,000 in today’s dollars.

    Not only has Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTC: LBUY) been identified as a “game-changer” by NBC, but it has also been called the “The Priceline of Pot” by thestreet.com.

    Why might some ask? Well, because (OTC: LBUY) has built themselves up to be a trusted online resource for finding legal marijuana deals and specials. The company’s website, Leafbuyer.com, helps unite millions of consumers with marijuana shops and suppliers all over the USA.

    If you can recall what Priceline.com did for the global travel industry? That is exactly what Leafbuyer.com potentially could do for the booming legal marijuana industry.

    So How Big is the Legalized Marijuana Opportunity?

    Info taken from Forbes magazine says that North American Marijuana sales increased by 30% to an extraordinary 6.7 BILLION dollars. They also predict North American sales are forecasted to surpass 20 Billion dollars by 2021. That’s a yearly combined growth rate of 25%. Just so you have an idea this growth rate is bigger and speedier than the dot-com era growth rate of 22%.

    this depicts one of the most compelling industries for investors that we have seen in over 10 years

    And if that wasn’t sufficient enough to grab your ears and eyes, you’ll be thrilled to know that with Canada, recently legalizing recreational marijuana, talks about sparking a brand new $22.6-billion industry have been circulating. A new study also implies that the Canadian pot industry will easily exceed the sale of beer, wine, and spirits combined.

    A soon-to-be-released Deloitte report entitled “Recreational Marijuana: Insights and Opportunities”, came to the conclusion that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legalization of marijuana next year could add much-needed fuel to Canada’s lagging economy.

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    1. what marijuana penny stocks would you think is the best buy and how would i get a broker to buy it for me. thanks Mr.bud knox

    2. Why is marijuana is a game changer, it hits big steel(grow a car),timber industry (hemp fiber board),paper (hemp paper, 3 crops a year),cottom(blue jeans u could pass down to your grandkids, medicine,fuel(bio-diesel). Plus the 20,000 other products u can make from from hemp. We would’nt have to cut down a another tree. Too much money would be lost by the Old Money.

    3. I just recently sold 25 shares of lbuy,i am just starting to understand that this market is revving up.I probably should of kept it.The hype is get in now even though the Calf market is slower than stated and The Canada market will not take off as quickly as stated.It’s taken me the value of my account addedby the same 1 plus 1 equals what it will take me to start to see any profit.Maintain the daily plus or minus before these markets start to produce.So as i have gotten involved in the pot gold rush,I am going to have to pan daily50dollars into a million.

    4. Can you tell me a good investment company that allows you to purchase penny stocks and mmj stock without having to have a few thousand dollars in an account just for investing?

    5. Never invested on anything, but I’m realy interested. HOW CAN I invest? I’m VERY interested. Thank you. Barbara


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