The cannabis market has been extremely lucrative for quite some time now with several companies leading the industry thus far. Over the last five years of cannabis being legalized in many states throughout the U.S., more legislation is slated to help the industry grow in the long term. The market on medical marijuana is expected to reach as much as $55 billion in the next 7 years, with around 350,000 jobs being added.

The market for cannabis is still relatively new as far as markets go, so some companies in the industry have yet to see mainstream success. Those who are able to stay ahead of the curve will hopefully compete to be in the top part of the market in the coming years. There have been some stocks that have been at the top of the market such as MJNA, CANV, VAPE and more. Cannabis works in a very similar way to other markets, so the strategies for other investing usually apply to this market. One of the best strategies just seems to be holding on to the stock. The market on cannabis has been exploding, but since it is such a new market, most of the companies are not even close to hitting their full potential.

The cannabis market is still very much dependent on the legislation that is happening at a national level. With those in government like Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, trying to push for anti-cannabis legislation, the fight is still very much underway.

Marijuana has also been an incredibly kind industry to individuals who otherwise could be marginalized in more traditional industries. The market has been notably progressive as far as the gender balance goes, which means that there is a bright future ahead. Women of color have especially been benefited by the markets understanding of equality in the past few years, which is also a sign of potential growth in the future. According to one report on the market “the industry is sustained by a diverse community of supportive women pursuing wellness, wealth, joy and justice through the plant. They are entrepreneurs, healers, lawmakers, scientists, doctors, activists, artists and immigrants. They’ve been in the field before most people called it one, and together they’re creating a just, equitable future.”

One woman who has been helping to lead the charge for legal marijuana is attorney, Shaleen Title of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Shaleen recently stated that “We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create an industry from scratch, but the product itself has been used since the beginning of history. That dynamic is unique and provides an opportunity for anyone with expertise and drive to become a leader. It’s an honor to be one of the youngest women of color in a regulatory position like mine.” Shaleen continued to state “The cannabis plant is a female plant. Its essence is feminine. My position, and Supernova’s position, how I see it, is to bring the feminine wisdom, the beauty, the strength that this cannabis plant has and that we have as women ― that’s what we’re here to represent and for us to be able to build it. We already live it, we walk in it every day, but for people to start seeing that.”

With a market that is growing as quickly as cannabis, it seems like inclusivity will be the norm. The future of cannabis seems to be filled with those from every walk of life and every corner, helping to cement equality as one of the primary goals of the market in the future. The hopes are high that a combination of good legislation and inclusive hiring will help to lead the cannabis market into the future.

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