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Being the oktober-fest of marijuana smoking, 420 has been a worldwide holiday for stoners and business men alike. Although there are far more myths surrounding the date than there are facts, why out of all the other 364 days of the year did this magical day fall on the 20th of april?

Thanks to the people at los Angeles Times and Huffington post, we were able to find out the true story behind 420, for the sake of clarity lets look at the false reasons behind 420.

420 is not the number of compounds in marijuana.
420 is not police code for marijuana violations
420 is Adolf hitlers birthday, but just trust that it is not where the word tradition comes from

the real beginning of this wonderful tradition started with a group of teens from Marin County, California called the Waldos. The group consisted of Mark Gravitch, Dave Reddix and Steve Capper, who initially concealed their identity to protect their adult lives. To do so they used Ramones-style code names such as Waldo Mark, Waldo Dave and Waldo Steve, they even created a 420 flag that dates back to the 1970s, which dates way back than a lot of the reasoning behind the number 420(except for hitlers birthday).

The real reason why the Waldo’s chose this number was because 4:20 was the time they would meet up every single day to search for a legendary lost marijuana crop near the point Reyes coast guard station.

According to the Waldos, they were just typical marijuana-lovin’ high school students that heard about some guy in the coast guard who was forced to abandon a plot of marijuana plants in a field in Point Reyes.

They agreed to meet at a statue at 4:20 every single day, where they would smoke and wander the wilds of point Reyes looking for this mystical field.

Despite this wondrous approach, they never uncovered the hidden field, but they did manage to create a code that allowed them to hide their marijuana use from parents and teachers alike.

It is very likely that 420 would have ended as a legacy between those 3 friends, but luckily Waldo Dave’s older brother was a great friend of Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh.

After learning the phrase from the group of teens, Phil and the rest of the grateful dead co-adapted the term and ended up spending the next 35 years touring and promoting the number 420 and smoking pot.

420 and pop culture

After it had finally been adopted by the stoner community, the famous number began to find its way to all kinds of funny places.

For example, every single clock in the film pulp fiction was set to 4:20, a new marijuana legislation bill in California was called state bill 420. The Denver interstate mile marker 420 was stolen so frequently that they had to replace it with mile marker 419.99.

Although it ended up taking almost half a century, 420 has made it into the big-leagues, way further than those kids in Marin county could have every imagined.

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Recently, the Marijuana Policy Project, which is one of the largest advocates of cannabis in the country, recently announced who they recommend should be president. Of course, most people expect this person to be Bernie Sanders after stating that he would remove marijuana off of the list of controlled substances entirely. However, Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic nomination and will likely trounce Donald Trump in the general elections. Even so, MPP said that Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson would make the best president for Cannabis.

A few weeks ago, Mitt Romney the two-time Presidential loser and notorious flip-flopper who once said “Corporations are people” in reference to Citizens United told Wolf Blitzer “I think the legalization of marijuana on a recreational basis and the legalization of drugs would be highly destructive to our coming generations and the work ethic of this country,” and continued, “Marijuana makes people stupid.”
Actually Mitt, we at Marijuana Stocks think that watching Fox News makes people stupid and to listen to someone that couldn’t keep a position for more than 24 hours during the 2012 presidential election makes me think that you believe most people suffer from traumatic brain injuries, but I digress; back to Gary Johnson.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Gary Johnson and watch him address a massive audience at the Cannabis World Congress and Expo in New York regarding the state of Cannabis as it relates to addiction, the prison industrial complex and the failed war on drugs. As for Mitt, the Sh*t’s comments Johnson was a gentleman with his response.
“I do not agree with that,” Johnson said to CNN’s Erin Burnett in an interview that is going to be aired. “As someone who has used marijuana, I do not agree with that.” No Wonder Marijuana Policy Project likes this guy!

Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico for nine years. More specifically, from 1994 to 2003. He has been calling for legalization since 1999. In the interview with Burnett, Johnson stated that cannabis “competes with legal prescription painkillers and drugs that statistically kill 100,000 people a year.” He added that there has never been a documented death because of medical cannabis.

“On the recreational side, I have always maintained that legalizing marijuana will lead to overall less substance abuse because it’s so much safer than everything else that’s out there starting with alcohol,” Johnson added. Clearly, Johnson has a good handle on Logic and hopefully more politicians can follow suit. You would think that if Republicans took this stance and made it their own it would usher in new voters and the maybe even some of the Bernie Sanders crowd. Instead, they prefer to have a base of voters wearing “Depends,” alienate huge swaths of the populous, attempt to regulate women’s health rights, and deny climate change. Republicans today would rather elect paid touts (Thanks Citizens United) that believe the earth is 6,000 years old and would try and deny gravity if a Democrat brought a bill to the house floor in favor of it! The world is changing and hopefully, the nomination of the orangutan haired Republican nominee will scare the power brokers on K street to be more inclusive.

The world is changing and hopefully, the nomination of the orangutan haired Republican nominee Donald Trump will scare the power brokers on K street to be more inclusive and be far more inviting, but rather than listen to my long-winded diatribe here’s a short video I shot of Gary Johnson talking about Cannabis.

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Here’s look back at a recent interview with the wolf of weed street himself as he attends the epic 420 celebration in Toronto Canada.

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As cannabis proponents around the world celebrate 4/20, a new report from the Colorado Department of Public Safety discovered that hospital visits because of marijuana have risen and that more and more adolescents are beginning to use marijuana. However, the higher acceptance of recreational marijuana is diminishing the significance of these results.

Colorado was the first state ever to legalize recreational cannabis in 2014. Since that time, emergency room visits related to cannabis have risen by almost thirty percent, according to the study.  From 2014 to the middle of 2015, 956 out of every 100,000 emergency room visits (which is about one out of every 1,000) were related to cannabis use, versus 739 per 100,000 from 2010 all the way to 2013. In a similar manner, emergency room visits related to cannabis use increased from 803 per 100,000 (from 2001 to 2009) to 2,413 per 100,000 from January 2014 through June 2015.

Also, as the amount of people looking for treatment for cannabis abuse was pretty much constant for the first year of legalization, those that did look for treatment were using much more marijuana than usual. The report indicates that more than a third of hospitalized patients (35.6%) in drug treatment centers announced near daily use of cannabis in 2014, versus 33.5% in 2013, 32.2% in 2012 and 30% in 2011. The report states:

“The decreasing social stigma regarding marijuana use could lead individuals to be more likely to report use of surveys and to health workers in emergency departments and poison control centers, making marijuana use appear to increase when perhaps it has not.”

“It is too early to draw any conclusions about the potential effects of marijuana legalization or commercialization on public safety, public health, or youth outcomes,” Jack Reed, the statistical analyst who authored the report, writes, “and this may always be difficult.”

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Now that 4/20 is here, there are many different ways that the day is celebrated. Some people smoke alone, or in a group, but nonetheless, no matter how you are celebrating, there are many different types of stoners that you can find. Here, we have assembled a list of eight of them that you can likely find in your city:

The First-Timer

On every 4/20 there is a person smoking marijuana for the first time. They have never rolled a joint, packed a bowl, or even bought weed before. This person will have a ton of questions and is probably the least respected out of all the different types of stoners out there. However, one must remember that everyone has a first time and must tolerate the first-timer.

The Seasoned Veteran

The Seasoned Veteran is a pretty knowledgeable smoker who considers him or herself as a cannabis expert than anything else. This person has done everything possible: rolled, packed, etc. The Seasoned Veteran also has a pretty large collection of paraphernalia and arts all based around marijuana.

The Bad Tripper

The Bad Tripper typically has a nice time smoking… For a couple of moments. This is until they begin sweating more and become more nervous by the minute. Their heart begins to beat faster, and they have a “bad trip.” This can happen to anyone although it is more likely that it happens to the newbies than the veterans.

The Stingy Stoner

If there is ever a time to be fruitful with your cannabis, it is not on the only marijuana holiday of the year. That is why it is very easy to find The Stingy Stoner on 4/20. This person does not share his or her weeds and acts as if everyone is expected to have their own. This stoner reminded you of high school when everyone was expected to put $5 in before smoking. You should probably avoid these stoners if you want to have a good time.

The Unsuspecting Smoker

Everyone is also very aware of the one person that they assumed would never be anywhere near marijuana. However, sometimes we are proven wrong. You typically see this person doing his or her thing and then all of a sudden he or she is on your doorstep asking to smoke. You are extremely shocked but then find out that this unsuspected stoner may even be a bigger stoner than you are.

The Weed Snob

There is usually a snob for just about any hobby, and that does not exclude smoking marijuana. This person will seem as if he or she knows everything there is to know about marijuana. This stoner has likely upset you by trying to show you various times how to “correctly” hold a joint. He would rather smoke any leftovers he has than anything fresh that you may have. Snobs will be snobs.

The Stoner Parent

Parents who smoke marijuana typically come out from hiding on this holiday. This is typical because the smell of marijuana infiltrates their nostrils and they are reminded of their childhood. As a result, they will typically end up doing it all over again. If your parents are okay with you smoking marijuana, there is a high chance that they are also open to smoking; you can probably expect to see them on 4/20, lighting one up right next to you.

The Culture Vulture

There are not many people who understand the meaning behind the Cinco de Mayo. However, these people still use the Cinco de Mayo as a way to go out and get drinks. This is the same case with 4/20. The Culture Vulture sometimes doesn’t even smoke weed, but instead, will just post some pictures of the drug culture on Facebook. That is the Culture Vulture.

So the question is, which 420 stoner are you?

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Today is 420 ladies and gentleman an unofficial national marijuana holiday for all cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy. However for those who are not familiar with the origin of 4:20 there is a unique stoner history to this widely celebrated ganja holiday.

The origin of 4:20 is said to begin back in the early 70’s when a group of teens located in San Rafael, California started calling themselves the Waldos because  “their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the school”. The Waldos developed a plan in the fall of ’71 to set out on a quest to find an abandoned marijuana crop that the group had previously learned about.

The Waldos made the Louis Pasteur statue their central meet up point at San Rafeal High School and 4:20 p.m. would be their meet up time. The phrase “4:20 Louis” was a term used that referred to their plan to find the secret crop. After many failed efforts to find this abandoned crop “4:20 Louis” was soon after shortened just to “4:20″, which eventually turned into a codeword that cannabis users are using to define smoking pot in general.

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You read that correctly! According to ABC Affiliate 7News Denver, dozens of people have been ticketed for smoking pot in public. It looks like even after all the progress being made in the War FOR Drugs (marijuana in particular), many have failed to pay attention to the current law prohibiting the use of marijuana in public. So if you’re one of the many of us celebrating the 420 holiday, make sure you stay safe and among all other things, Know the law in the state you’ve chosen to celebrate in.


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