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Marijuana has been considered to be quite taboo throughout time. With prohibition in the U.S. being in place since the early 1900s based on a large amount of propagandistic anti-cannabis campaigns. Since then, the world of cannabis has been on the fritz.

The last ten years have seen a dramatic shift in the public opinion of cannabis. With many states choosing to legalize the substance for use recreationally and medicinally, cannabis has never been so widely accepted. Some studies have shown that in the U.S., as much as 70% of the population is in favor of cannabis, but this has been a difficult number for the federal government to rap its head around.

For some time, the use of cannabis has also had a large impact on racial relations within the U.S. as well. Many have claimed that cannabis’ legal standing throughout the country has been used to racially profile and jail innocent individuals. There are many large social issues that have come into play in the world of cannabis, which continue to effect the outcome of legislation up until this day. The changing public opinion is the most important step toward changing the future of the cannabis world. As individuals become more comfortable with the idea of legislation, the hopes are that many of the social and political issues we have encountered in the world of pot will slowly begin to dissipate.

With the industry on marijuana booming into the billions, politics and the ramifications of various policies will continue to be the most difficult part of the industry. The hopes are high that the not too distant future will be filled heavily with the support of cannabis as it currently stands today. Only time will tell what these effects have on the future of the U.S. and relations from the federal government to the individual level.


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