Michigan Creates Agency to Centralize and Streamline the Cannabis Industry


The cannabis train has left the station and this has left states searching for solutions to best capitalize on this emerging opportunity.

Last week, Michigan announced the creation of an agency to centralize all aspects of cannabis industry in the state. The agency dubbed the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation believes that a centralized service will streamline cannabis regulations and allow businesses to operate more efficiently.

This development is exciting as it represents a significant change in the way cannabis is regulated by states. We expect this program to be closely watched by other states and its progression will something to keep an eye on.

LARA Director Shelly Edgerton said, “BMMR’s organizational structure puts Michigan at the forefront of state medical marijuana regulation. Many other states have various licenses and patient programs spread throughout different departments and agencies.”

Cannabis Support at All-Time Highs

Cannabis support in the United States has grown significantly over the last two years and we are reaching a tipping point. Despite the increased support, concerns among cannabis supporters have increased following recent commentary from the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

March data from the General Social Survey showed growing support for legal cannabis in the United States. The number of Americans who think cannabis use should be legal increased to 57% from 52% in 2014.

Another interesting finding from this data pertains to the growing number of people (70%) against the federal government’s enforcement of prohibition laws in states that have legalized cannabis.


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