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A new year for marijuana stocks, and hopefully a better one than 2019. During the first half of the current year, marijuana stock investors saw quite the infiltration of bulls into the market. This, however, was swiftly followed by a large amount of uncertainty in the market. This uncertainty and some issues regarding legislation quickly helped to bring the market to its knees. But, currently, we have seen some companies begin to move back toward regaining their prior values. Additionally, with the new year on the horizon, investors could be feeling a renewed sense of potential for many of the top pot stocks.

But the love should not stop at the companies with the largest market caps, rather small and mid-cap pot stocks have seen some big gains as well. With all of the positivity that is currently in the industry, marijuana stocks could see a strong year if all goes well. Right now, it is difficult to tell the direction of where pot stocks could go in the new year. But, as we inch closer toward 2020, things are becoming much clearer.

Is This Marijuana Stock Bult For Long Term Growth

4Front Ventures (FFNTF Stock Report) (FFNT) is a cannabis company that has been working on its long term strategy for quite some time now. The company states that through its committed leadership, and experienced chain of talent, the company should be able to move toward the top of the pot stock market in the near future. The company participates in several different areas of the cannabis market including plant genetics and the retail area of the industry.

The company has put a large amount of focus and capital into assembling a team with the highest competence in the industry. This means that it should be able to gain traction quickly upon any opportunities it is given. For this reason, the company continues to be a key pot stock to watch.

Additionally, the company recently stated that it will divest 100% of its economic interests with three dispensaries located in Arkansas. The company did this as to better guide its capital into other, potentially more fruitful areas of the market. Moving forward, the company remains one of the most interesting pot stocks in the industry.

An Alternative Marijuana Stock To Watch

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR Stock Report) is widely regarded as being one of the largest pot stocks in the ancillary side of the market. The company operates as a REIT which means that it purchases and then leases out facilities to those who wish to grow cannabis. The company has seen quite an uptick in notoriety as it remains a company laden with consistency. 

This consistency stems from the fact that the majority of the contracts it has are for at least ten years. The company currently owns as many as 46 properties across 14 states in the U.S. With some key bullish movement in the past week, IIPR remains an interesting pot stock to watch moving forward.

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