The cannabis industry has been fueled by a large amount of growth in recent times, but one of the biggest impediments to the promise of the market has been the advent of various laws and restrictions. With the midterm elections in full swing, it seems as though many of these issues can begin to settle down as voters show a large amount of backing for marijuana sales throughout the U.S.

Marijuana policy in the U.S. has been a tricky subject to report on due to the complicated nature of how the system works. In short, the federal government has shown a dislike for cannabis since prohibition several decades ago. Since that time, states have decided to take it upon themselves to put laws in place that directly go against federal regulation. Although the public shows they are highly in favor of marijuana legalization, the federal government has yet to reschedule the substance from its Schedule I listing right next to heroin and other dangerous substances. Several states, however, have put cannabis on the ballot for this vote, and how it plays out could be a major paradigm shift for the industry.

Michigan has been one of the game-changing states for some time as they have put forth a potential recreational legalization of cannabis onto the ballot. The bill is likened to that of Colorado due to how lose it is. The bill if passed will allow individuals over the age of 21 to possess as much as 2.5 ounces of cannabis at any time. The bill also allows them to grow as many as 12 plants for their own personal consumption. Both of these statutes are almost double if not more than what other states allow, showing how liberal this law really is. Many polls have shown that this bill has an overwhelming chance of passing, but only time will truly tell.

North Dakota which is traditionally considered to be one of the more conservative states, has also shown a passion for allowing the use of cannabis. The measure that will potentially be in place has not been crafted by any of the big organizations which means that it may be different when played out than some other states. The bill places no limits on possession and legalizes the sale and commercialization of marijuana without actually putting any sort of regulatory measures in place. Some polls have shown there is a large amount of support for the bill, but others have shown the opposite which means that the vote is the only real way to see what happens here. If it is able to pass, it might help to create a domino effect or at least illustrate whether or not looser bills like this can work in the modern day.

All in all, the midterm elections look to be positive for the world of marijuana. With the substance on the ballot in other states around the country, these elections will help to create a bigger picture of what marijuana use looks like in the U.S., and what the federal government needs to do to help give the public why they want.

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