Delivery of medicinal marijuana and hemp grown by dispensaries in Montpelier was approved by the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules this past Thursday. This approval was being procrastinated after having debating the subject for almost 45 days. This year, new regulations allow the state’s four dispensaries to cultivate hemp to be used medicinally for various symptom reliefs. Of course, another new regulation is that these medicinal products could be delivered to patients signed up on Vermont’s marijuana registry.

The decision was followed by three months of debate among the committee and the Department of Public Safety, a department which looks over Vermont’s marijuana registry. This was aided by the clarification of definitions; for instance, words such as “cannabis” and “marijuana-related supplies” (vaporizers, etc.) have now been redefined. The rules are now available to the public, written on the registry website available to the public.

A state law allowed medicinal marijuana for symptom relief as well as dispensaries to be created in 2013. After this, the Department of Public Safety urged that those rules be updated so that they may be more efficient for Vermont and open up opportunities in the medical marijuana market. Many changes were proposed for some time now and Representative Bob Krebs, a democrat from Chittenden, made a motion for those rules to be approved. The director of the Vermont Crime Information Center, Jeff Wallin, stated that it seems as if the rules are looking to be sent to the Secretary of State. He “expects to see the rules go into effect in about 45 days.”

“Everyone who has been involved in this process — dispensaries, the Department of Public Safety, committee members — all knew this was coming, so it won’t be a surprise that these will suddenly go into effect,” Wallin stated.


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