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It seems as though the legalization of cannabis in Vermont could come in no more than six months. The State Legislature is working very hard to become the first of bipartisan lawmakers in United States history to stop prohibition on laws that make it illegal to set up a marijuana industry.

Almost a month ago, Governor Peter Shumlin revealed at his State of the State address that he was extremely ready to stop the prohibition of cannabis in Vermont. After that, the Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee approved of a bill which had a goal to make a taxed and regulated marijuana market. The bill, which would establish a system of recreational sales as well as pot dispensaries, was approved last week by a vote of 4 to 1, throwing the measure into the next step of legislative approval.

The bill (S.241) is now on its way to the Senate Finance Committee, where all the way that the plant will be taxed will be discussed. Some believe that although the bill still has a superb chance of making it through the Senate, there shall be issues in the House of Representatives. The House may very well be the obstacle that stirs the measure from ending up in the governor’s office for approval. Even then, Governor Shumlin has given his commendations to the committee for putting their pride away and collaborating on the bill.

“I want to thank Senator Sears for his leadership and the entire Judiciary Committee for their hard work on this bill,” Governor Shumlin announced. “This legislation meets the principles I outlined in my State of the State Address, and I believe it provides the framework for our state to cautiously, step-by-step and in the Vermont way end the failed war on drugs policy of marijuana prohibition.”

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