Albeit President Obama has not made any official signs, a leading official with the United States State Department is pretty sure that prohibition will finally come to an end at some point this year. In addition, this may lead to the decriminalization of all illicit drugs throughout the world.

Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, William Brownfield, said on Tuesday that United States officials are currently collaborating on a very important legislation which he called a “pragmatic reform agenda.” Brownfield states that those drafting the bill would like to showcase it at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGLASS) on drugs during April in New York.

When it comes down to it, Brownfield states that the proposed “recommitment” to the three global drug conventions would be set up to encourage countries to take their focus from the Drug War… Instead of spending their time and money on incarcerations, the real concern should be on the health of the general public.

“We will call for pragmatic and concrete criminal justice reform, areas such as alternatives to incarceration or drug courts, or sentencing reform,” Brownfield added. “In other words, as President Obama has said many times publicly, to decriminalize much of the basic behavior of drug consumption in order to focus scarce law enforcement resources on the greater challenge of the large transnational criminal organizations.”

People have been projecting for years that the United Nations would make a major change to its drug treaties in order to ensure that governments across the globe would look at different ways of handling drugs without interfering with international law. Yet as the details of the Obama Administration’s recommendations are not pinpointed, they do seem to support policies that are coherent with the original text of the three drug conventions.

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