On this week’s “IT’S TIME!” show Buffer’s guest is none other than Mills and Buffer, who is the Founder of MED-X, Inc., as well as the COO,  which is a company that is taking advantage of the booming Marijuana industry in the United States at full force with products that offer effective nontoxic and 100% all-natural pest management for marijuana growers. These same products today are being utilized and spread throughout the pest control and hospitality sector nationally. Mills and Buffer also talked about the unique business ventures MED-X offers thru StartEngine.com allowing potential investors to get in on the action and purchase shares of the stock in the company. With a very interesting interview that displayed the flip side of the coin and how a new creative business can be set into motion in America today in a way that was not available to entrepreneurs just a few years ago.



  1. So this is different from gofundme or indiegogo because they actually give you stock for your money? Thats awesome. I like the minimum investment of 420 =]

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