Medical marijuana patients in the state of Minnesota are one step closer to being able to access marijuana….in limited forms. The State Department of Health announced on Monday that they have chosen the two entities that will be the sole providers of medical cannabis for the state’s medical program.

The state medical program is limiting cannabis to concentrates and edibles. The two providers that were chosen will be responsible for making the products. No raw cannabis will be allowed in the program.

The two providers chosen are Leafline Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions. Leafline will have it’s home base in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and there will be a dispensary in Eagan, hopefully opening in July 2015. Leafline also plans to open dispensaries in St. Paul, St. Cloud and Hibbing down the road. Minnesota Medical Solutions will be based on Ostego and will have dispensaries in Minneapolis, Maple Grove and Moorehead.

There were ten other providers who also applied to be a part of the states program.

There has been a lot of criticism of the state’s medical program. Activists in the state think the program is too restrictive and doesn’t allow for people with severe pain to access the program. Doctors in the state are also required to be part of an ongoing study which will determine if medical marijuana works or not.

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  1. Glad to hear MN is making some progress on their medical program. It’s a bit of a bummer that it’s so restrictive…but better than nothing I suppose?

  2. My wife , Tassie is suffering severely from a persistent and ongoing GI problem . She lives with severe pain daily. She has not eaten a solid meal for over 8 years. She lives on lactose free milk daily only.
    Went to Mayo clinic in Rochester,MN for a year with no solution or even limited cure.
    Visited around 17 Top GI specialists in Mpls who were also stumped . The diagnosis so far has been Krohn’s, Celiac,Gerd , IBS.
    Now they all they tried to di is to medicate the problem away with powerful opiate pills which have several side effects including severe nausea, chronic vomiting, severe body pain.
    We are hoping and praying for other solutions. It is horrible.

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