In a new study, scientists from the University of New Mexico have conducted an experiment that tests whether or not access to cannabis can help solve recurring opioid abuse crisis in the United States.

Researchers studied how people who use medical marijuana for pain relief were more likely to be able to stop using (or abusing) the drugs that were prescribed to them altogether.

Stats have shown that the opioid crisis has taken the lives of more than 33,000 Americans in 2015, and overall 52,000 lethal drug overdoses.

The problem has gotten so bad that President Trump declared it a national emergency around the country.

Since this problem is so huge, then why are we looking at marijuana for the possible solution or cure?

Well, according to a drug sheet created by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, there have been zero deaths recorded for the overdose of marijuana in all of history. This stands in stark contrast to the shocking amount of people that have died from

In this study, researchers Jacob Miguel Vigil and Sarah See Stith saw how patients that were hooked on their pain medications slowly left them behind.

Researchers concluded that there is “clinically and statistically significant evidence” that using cannabis led the patients to gradually come off of their drug dependencies that were so difficult to deal with alone.

Evidently, patients using cannabis were 17 times more likely to halt their prescribed opioid use and 5 times more likely to lower their quotidian opioid use.

Overall, the patients experienced a positive effect on their lives after using and exposed to cannabis, with many of them reporting a sudden spike in their mood, concentration, quality of life, social life, and activity.

So, what does this say about marijuana use? The federal government should always revisit these types of studies in order to be able to get a full grasp of the many positive aspects of using marijuana to treat an addiction.

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