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Proponents of legalizing cannabis in Arizona state that soon they are going to send in over 260,000 petition signatures this week to the secretary of state. All that is needed is 160,000 signatures. Therefore this is a good chance that the initiative will make it onto the ballot. However, they will likely not all be accepted, since the signatures need to be verified. The cannabis, also known as the “Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act” would treat marijuana very similarly to how alcohol his treated. Here is what would happen under the new bill:

– The sale of cannabis and similar products such as edibles would begin on March 1, 2018, to people 21 or older.
– Individuals could have and smoke one ounce or less of marijuana and cultivate up to six cannabis plants.
– Pot buyers and business would pay new taxes and fees to the state, county and local governments.
– A new state agency would regulate cannabis sales and businesses.
– Driving under the influence of cannabis would be illegal.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, supported by the same advocates that stood behind and pushed for legalization in Colorado, is working on promoting Arizona’s bill. They claim that it will be amazing for the education in the state.

“It will add money to our schools,” deputy campaign manager Carlos Alfaro said. “There will be a 15 percent tax that will be added on to legal sales, and that would go toward all-day kindergarten programs and K through 12.”

A new monetary analysis by the Legislature’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee indicates that schools would receive approximately $30 million in cannabis-related revenue the first year after recreational cannabis would be legalized. If that’s not enough, it would raise during its second year to $54 million. That would provide $54 to every student in the state.

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