Hemp has been depicted as a crop with many uses in the production of specific foods, body and hair care products, papers, textiles, construction and even plastics. This has attracted many marijuana stock investors. Yet, the growing of industrial hemp is as of now restricted in the United States and has been since the 70’s when the majority of all marijuana plants were identified as a controlled substance. Recent research was conducting at the University of Minnesota which displays the genetic difference between marijuana and hemp
“Given the diversity of cultivated forms of cannabis, we wanted to identify the genes responsible for differences in drug content,” George Weiblen, a professor with a joint appointment in the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences and College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences, noted in a statement.

Weiblen and his associates from the University of Minnesota which is one of the few groups of scientists in the U.S. with federal clearance to research marijuana due to enforced government regulations. All hemp products are as of now imported to the U.S. which went above $600 million. Hemp supporters are under the impression that the marijuana plant can help raise the country’s agricultural sector and improve rural economies.

As hemp produces a non euphoric cannabidiol CBD with exactly 0.3 to 1.5 percent THC concentration. Going over more than a decade of investigative research, Weiblen’s team discovered a single unnamed gene responsible for the genetic differences between cannabis and hemp.

“It’s a plant of major economic importance that is very poorly understood scientifically,” Weiblen added. “With this study, we have indisputable evidence for a genetic basis of differences among cannabis varieties, further challenging the position that all cannabis should be regulated as a drug.”

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