More Marijuana Stocks To Watch In November 2021

As marijuana stocks find more momentum many wonder how long it will last. If you have been watching cannabis stocks since November of 2020 then you know the concerns at hand. During this time all the way up until early 2021 the sector was showing consistent upward trading. Even a bilk of Canadian stocks saw better momentum at the time. Moving forward after mid-February the entire sector began to see a long downtrend in trading.

This is the big reason for concern and doubts about investing in marijuana stocks. The entire cannabis sector declined drastically to were only in the last several months has more action taken place. Yet even as more momentum is building will this increase in trading be more consistent or will it fade. Either way, if the sector goes up and cannabis stocks can hold their increased level it will offer renewed hope for shareholders.

So since the end of July cannabis stocks have been showing more volatile trading. In this particular case, this volatility has helped some companies see small recoveries. Now, most of these were short-lived and quick pops. However, there have been some traders who have been able to capitalize off these quick rises in trading. But the bulk of traders and shareholders are still waiting for a bigger jump with more consistency.

Marijuana Stocks And The Impact Of Company News

This month many cannabis companies will be releasing new earning reports. Some have already started to do so. These earnings, it has added some more momentum toward how the sector is performing. This has led some marijuana stocks to reach higher market levels. Overall the sector is still going up and down and if you keep an eye out you may be able to find top marijuana stocks to buy. Below are a few cannabis stocks to watch that may offer value to investors.

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch In November

  1. Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:NEPT)
  2. IM Cannabis Corp. (NASDAQ:IMCC)

Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.

Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. operates as an integrated health and wellness company. It builds a portfolio of lifestyle brands and consumer packaged goods products under various brands. The company offers turnkey product development and supply chain solutions. Mainly to business customers in various health and wellness verticals, such as legal cannabis and hemp. NEPT Stock

In the last week, Neptune has made some important company announcements. More recently the company announced it will be releasing its fiscal second-quarter 2022. Wich will take place after the market closes on Monday, November 15, 2021. As well the company announced it will be participating in two upcoming investor conferences in November.

Michael Cammarata, Chief Executive Officer, and Randy Weaver, Interim Chief Financial Officer, are scheduled to be there. Mr. Cammarata will participate in a fireside chat at the Jefferies Virtual West Coast Consumer Conference. As well back on November 9th, the company launched high-quality and sustainable Mood Ring vapes in Canada.

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Words From The Company

“Demand for vapes continues to grow across Canadian provinces, making it the third largest category of cannabis products by sales in Canada1. Following the success of our other product launches to-date and scalable vape production, we anticipate significant revenue contribution from vapes over the next several years,” said Michael Cammarata, Chief Executive Officer and President of Neptune. “Jack Flash and Pure Kush 510 thread cartridges feature two special strains that are produced using all-natural materials, which enable us to deliver a differentiated product from both an experience and sustainability perspective. This initial launch of vape products is the next step in our strategy of transforming our cannabis business from a slow-growth, low margin extraction business to a high growth, higher margin branded CPG business.”

NEPT Stock Performance And Market Update

In the last 4 weeks of trading NEPT stock has been working towards building more momentum. At the start of October, NEPT stock was starting to decline in the market. The company went on a 3-week downtrend before seeing any type of upward trading. After the 22nd of October NEPT stock started to rise once again. Even though this recovery was short-lived it gave some shareholders a chance to see some sort of gains. Moving into November NEPT stock has been a bit more volatile with its up and down trading, Currently, the company is slowly building more momentum which may possibly lead to another recovery.

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IM Cannabis Corp.

IM Cannabis Corp. engages in breeding, growing, and supply of medical cannabis products in Israel, Germany, and Canada. It offers strains under the Roma, Dairy Queen, London, Tel Aviv, Paris, and Pandora Box brands; and CBD oil products under the IMC brand. The company also offers its intellectual property-related services to the medical cannabis industry. On October 20th the company announced the third installment of shares. IMC_logo_corp

Which was done in connection with the previously announced acquisition of the Panaxia. As first announced on April 30, 2021, IMC Holdings Ltd., signed a definitive agreement with Panaxia. Pursuant to which IMC Holdings will acquire Panaxia’s trading house license and in-house pharmacy activities. This was done for an aggregate purchase price of $7.2 million. The Panaxia Transaction purchase price was to be satisfied by a combination of $2.9 million in cash. As well as $4.3 million in common shares of the Company.

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The Cash Consideration was paid in two installments according to the terms of the Transaction. To satisfy the share consideration component of the Panaxia Transaction, the Company will issue a total of five installments of Consideration Shares. Following the announcements about the first and second installments, a third one was made. The company issued the third installment of 248,212 Consideration Shares. This was done in connection with the Panaxia Transaction at a price of US$3.225 per Consideration Share. Which represents an aggregate value equal to US$905,305.76.

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