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(CRPGF), Our Connect The Dots Focus Piece, Is On Fire!

*NEWS-UPDATE* CNRP Mining (CRPGF) Target X-SPRAYS Announces Start of Test Market for Products with Colorado Based Dispensary Group

We Began to pick back up on coverage of Our Newest Long Term “Connect The Dots” Piece, (CRPGF) toward the tail end of October when it was trending right around $0.38. Today, (CRPGF) managed to hit a high of $1.09! This has been a run of 184.7% since we debuted this company as our newest “Connect The Dots” feature….(how you doin’).

Here’s the thing: Because of the early developments of this company, we strongly feel that this is just the beginning for (CRPGF). The LOI, definitive agreement, and capital raises are centered around ONE KEY TOPIC: Bringing the X-Sprays brand into “the fold” of the company’s revenue model. As we said before, we are literally seeing this company emerge from its grass roots.

The simple fact that (CRPGF) continues to hit a stride is showing exactly why we have been so particular about what falls into the category of “Connect The Dots” features. Specifically with (CRPGF), as many of you have seen, the name of the company is not currently reflective of its new direction. We think this shows exactly how early it is that we’re looking at this company!

How many times have you had something on your watchlist in the same situation at (CRPGF)? We’re guessing it isn’t many. But now, in real time, we’re seeing this company emerge right from the early beginnings and the market seems to be catching the wave as well! The only real question left is, “What’s Next for (CRPGF)?”

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