Bullish sentiment is all around in the cannabis industry. Although things have changed a lot in the past few months, the basics of investing in marijuana stocks are relatively the same. First, we have to identify where there could be value. Some areas of the cannabis industry that hold value right now include MSO pot stocks and ESP pot stocks. Although pure-play marijuana stocks are also quite popular, they tend to be more volatile than most. In addition to this, as smart investors, we always need to know the financial standing of a marijuana stock to watch.

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This means doing the research and reading the data about where a company is in its financials. While profitability may be far off for some marijuana stocks, a company should at least be showing quarterly increases in revenue. Lastly, we need to consider what a pot stock is doing to stay competitive. Because the cannabis industry is changing so quickly, a marijuana stock needs to develop constantly to stay in the race. With that in mind, here are two marijuana stocks to watch that could be winners this month.

The Biggest Marijuana Stock In The Cannabis Industry

Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE:CGC) is largely regarded as being the biggest marijuana stock in the cannabis industry. Recently, the number of those trading CGC stock on the popular app Robinhood has shot up. With this, the popularity of CGC stock has also shot up alongside. As the largest grower of cannabis in the industry, Canopy Growth has had to stay competitive for quite some time. Although it did hit a rough patch at the beginning of this year through March, since then it has been able to climb substantially in value. Because of this, many investors have once again taken notice of CGC stock.

marijuana stocks on robinhood Canopy Growth (CGC)

Investors should know that CGC stock is quite a volatile pot stock. But, the company does have a lot to offer investors. Sometimes, cannabis investors may shrug off a pot stock due to it being too large. But, Canopy Growth has proven itself to be a formidable opponent of bearish trading. With the bulls swarming back into the cannabis industry, it seems as though Canopy could have a solid long term future ahead. But, the company needs to show some profitability in order to stay on top. With that in mind, Canopy Growth definitely remains a pot stock to watch.

The Other Big Pot Stock to Watch

Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ:CRON) is one of the other largest marijuana stocks in the industry. Recently, CRON stock has seen a great deal of momentum as the company has worked to move into the U.S. cannabis industry. Although it has only received around $4 million in revenue from its U.S. escapades, there is a long road of potential success ahead. Year over year, CRON stock
Has seen its revenue grow by around 72%.

Although this is not an incredible amount, it does represent a gain nonetheless. In addition to this, we all know that CRON stock is sitting on around $1.8 billion from Altria Group’s investment. With that, it should remain in a solid financial position for quite some time. But, investors should be aware that Cronos Group is still reporting around $70 million in losses for the past two quarters. This is quite a substantial amount to say the least. In order to be a pot stock to watch, Cronos Group definitely needs to get its losses under control.

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