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The marijuana stock market has remained one of the most wildly intriguing markets over the course of the past several years. With new updates coming into the space on a daily basis, it seems like now is a better time than ever to take a look at the world of marijuana. Many stocks have been able to move the forefront, but a recent speculative decline in prices has scared some investors due to the high amount of volatility in the space. Despite this, those who know cannabis know that it is a long-term investment.

Next Green Wave (NGW) has been one of the primary players in the cannabis growing space for some time now. The company works by growing craft, vertically integrated cannabis for sale throughout the medicinal and recreational space. The company recently saw their listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange or CSE be one of the most popular reasons for investors to decide to jump in, but as they trade on the exchange, more and more have noted their massive amount of intrinsic value as the baseline for investments.

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The company works off of a fully licensed seed-to-sale business model so that they can be in stark control of all of the product that leaves their business. With as much as 15 acres of land approved to grow cannabis, the company plans to have around 350,000 square feet of space to grow premium marijuana products.

In addition to all of this, the business is headed by Mike Jennings, one of the big names in growing cannabis for some time now. Jennings was in charge of the team that gained six awards from the cannabis cup, which shows how much care he has to produce the best product possible.

Insys Therapeutics (NASDAQ:INSY) is another company that has been working to up the amount of innovation they do for the future of the industry. The company is for one, listed on the NASDAQ which gives them a large advantage over other companies in the marijuana space in terms of the amount of exposure they have. The first of Insys’ products is a sublingual spray known as Subsys, which works in patients who have varying types of cancer to help manage the pain they might have.

The company also has another product known as Syndros, which is an oral solution that helps to give patients with AIDS, a much-needed appetite. Both of these products use components from the marijuana plant, which has been shown to have a large amount of medicinal value. The company has seen their fair share of ups and downs in recent times as many marijuana stocks have, but this should not stop any investor from taking a look at the business overall.

The marijuana stock space may remain quite speculative, but as laws continue to change and reshape the atmosphere, it seems as though more and more are becoming comfortable with the idea of legal marijuana and investing in the space. The real promise for the cannabis industry lies in the future as all of the issues continue to be ironed out throughout the market.

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