The Impact of Marijuana After Some of The Biggest Happenings of 2018


The 2018 year has of course been extremely instrumental to the growth of the cannabis sector, but several aspects have notably contributed greatly to that. Whether it be news events or a public acceptance of the substance in the form of new legislation, the The Impact of Marijuana After Some of The Biggest Happenings of 2018 marijuana industry is rapidly changing for the better.

One of the largest events to occur throughout the year and one that is still very much ongoing is the passing of marijuana based legislation. Arguably the largest of the U.S. market on cannabis has been the passing of recreational cannabis laws throughout the nation. Vermont saw its state legalize the use of adult permitted cannabis as the first state to pass such a bill solely with lawmakers and not a public ballot initiative. Other notable states including Missouri, Oklahoma and Utah have all approved the use of cannabis at surprisingly large margins.

The passing of these bills not only signals a new light for the world of cannabis, but it also has helped to illustrate a broader picture of how much of the public truly is in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Michigan helped to influence this as they became the first Midwestern state to legalize cannabis as part of the emergence of a nationwide trend on legalizing its use.

Piggybacking off of this, as the midterm elections hit the U.S. a surprisingly large number of individuals who support cannabis were elected into office. These new governors hopefully will help to shift the market in favor of the public positivity on cannabis throughout the next few years and beyond.

Heading out East, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been against the use of cannabis for some time has lightened his statement in recent months allowing a group to draft a new bill that would allow cannabis’ use within the state.

In California, Senator Dianne Feinstein who has been another huge opponent of cannabis reform has stated that she may be able to change her opinion at least on the criminality of marijuana. Well, this may seem like a small step, the flipping of these candidates is helping to indicate a changing public sphere on the world of marijuana laws.

Looking at the industry from a broader perspective, President Trump stated that he is inclined to help end the anti-cannabis laws from the federal government. The hopes are that this may lead to the ending of prohibition in the coming years but this of course will take time. Trump’s support for cannabis law is the first time a sitting U.S. president has presented a positive message that could end up ending the longstanding prohibition on cannabis.

One of the largest pieces of news to hit the market outside of the U.S. came as Canada voted to legalize the use of cannabis nationwide. This was effectively the first time that a G7 nation has done so and helped to create a domino effect throughout the world. As the sales of recreational weed went into effect on October 17th, Canada showed the world that legal weed could be the way of the future.

Marijuana is an ever-changing and fast-growing market that has been a huge part of the world economy and political sphere for the year as well as past years. The near future will hopefully help to end prohibition and allow cannabis to reach the heights the public would like to see it at.

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