Just like when any industry grows, the techniques that run it do as well. For various companies, this evolution is in size, new technology, or even building larger structures. For the marijuana industry, more specifically for American Cannabis Partners, this means taking the business from the warehouse to the outdoors with a new project called “Colorado Cannabis Ranch.”

Ready to open early in 2016, the ranch is not just about making marijuana. Instead, the ranch is focused on transferring production to a more open greenhouse structure and making a space that simplifies both the industry as well as the culture that surrounds it. The $35 million project is of the first and will be a unique way for people to see marijuana. Not only will the ranch be giving out tours and a dispensary, but there will also be a bar, restaurant, and a performance theatre.

American Cannabis Partners has been proclaimed a one-stop-shop for legal marijuana entrepreneurship. While it has developing projects, American Cannabis Partners also gives consulting services to anyone looking to enter the marijuana market. These consulting services include help with marketing, retail, development, as well as licensing.

The founder, Christian Hageseth, is not new to the marijuana industry in any way. He has been a part of the marijuana industry since 2009, while also developing Denver’s Green Man Cannabis—a four-time Cannabis Cup winning strain. Hageseth noted all of his journeys through the marijuana industry in “Big Weed,” a biographical account of his experience in the legal marijuana industry.

Usually, growing houses seem industrial and have been described as “surgically sterile in appearance,” besides the actual crop. By utilizing instruments and tools, one of the most common types of production facilities is a grow house similar to a warehouse. Not only are they cost-efficient structures, but they also provide an area whose conditions can easily be controlled.

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