Now that the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, it seems that liberals will need to search for a new movement that will put conservatives on the wrong side of morality. The LA Times reports that the new movement may be advocating marijuana:

“The latest sign was the full-throated call last week by Sen. Bernie Sanders to end federal prohibition. With that one move, the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination plunged into uncharted territory — and, arguably, so did the presidential race. Never before has a contender with so much to lose so unequivocally suggested that smoking a joint should be viewed the same as drinking a beer, at least in the eyes of the law… Hillary Rodham Clinton has told small audiences in the pot havens of Oregon and Colorado that marijuana businesses in states where it is legal need relief from federal restrictions that can make it impossible for them to operate.”

In 2009, a piece predicted that marijuana will have been legalized by 2019. That is just a little over three years away, and as of right now, marijuana is only legal in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. 24/7 Wall St., which keeps track of marijuana commodity prices organized by New Leaf Data Services, believes that another 11 states will be coming close to legalization. Also, a poll shows that the majority of Americans – 58% – support marijuana legalization. That may not be the exact percentage that the country would need to bring about social change, but over time, more specifically by 2019, support may be there.

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