When listening to Ian James, he sounds just like any other ordinary marijuana advocate. For instance, he criticizes the war on drugs, boasts about the economic and tax benefits that come with legalizing marijuana, and even argues that marijuana legalization would not hurt children because dispensaries would be selling to adults, not children. Even then, it seems that James – who is behind Tuesday’s ballot measure to legalize pot in Ohio – care more for his political convention than anything else he argues.

James’s statewide ballot initiative, Issue 3, has been constructed to “line the pockets of the investors he gathered to bankroll it—a brazen example of pay-to-play politics according to critics.” However, James is not like anyone else who has ever advocated legalizing marijuana before him. James is the CEO of a political consultant group specializing in ballot measures called The Strategy Network. Unlike marijuana activists of the past which have usually been the reason for some form of legalization in the past, James is a 30-year political member working for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who is not exactly for the legalization of marijuana.

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