Now that 4/20 is here, there are many different ways that the day is celebrated. Some people smoke alone, or in a group, but nonetheless, no matter how you are celebrating, there are many different types of stoners that you can find. Here, we have assembled a list of eight of them that you can likely find in your city:

The First-Timer

On every 4/20 there is a person smoking marijuana for the first time. They have never rolled a joint, packed a bowl, or even bought weed before. This person will have a ton of questions and is probably the least respected out of all the different types of stoners out there. However, one must remember that everyone has a first time and must tolerate the first-timer.

The Seasoned Veteran

The Seasoned Veteran is a pretty knowledgeable smoker who considers him or herself as a cannabis expert than anything else. This person has done everything possible: rolled, packed, etc. The Seasoned Veteran also has a pretty large collection of paraphernalia and arts all based around marijuana.

The Bad Tripper

The Bad Tripper typically has a nice time smoking… For a couple of moments. This is until they begin sweating more and become more nervous by the minute. Their heart begins to beat faster, and they have a “bad trip.” This can happen to anyone although it is more likely that it happens to the newbies than the veterans.

The Stingy Stoner

If there is ever a time to be fruitful with your cannabis, it is not on the only marijuana holiday of the year. That is why it is very easy to find The Stingy Stoner on 4/20. This person does not share his or her weeds and acts as if everyone is expected to have their own. This stoner reminded you of high school when everyone was expected to put $5 in before smoking. You should probably avoid these stoners if you want to have a good time.

The Unsuspecting Smoker

Everyone is also very aware of the one person that they assumed would never be anywhere near marijuana. However, sometimes we are proven wrong. You typically see this person doing his or her thing and then all of a sudden he or she is on your doorstep asking to smoke. You are extremely shocked but then find out that this unsuspected stoner may even be a bigger stoner than you are.

The Weed Snob

There is usually a snob for just about any hobby, and that does not exclude smoking marijuana. This person will seem as if he or she knows everything there is to know about marijuana. This stoner has likely upset you by trying to show you various times how to “correctly” hold a joint. He would rather smoke any leftovers he has than anything fresh that you may have. Snobs will be snobs.

The Stoner Parent

Parents who smoke marijuana typically come out from hiding on this holiday. This is typical because the smell of marijuana infiltrates their nostrils and they are reminded of their childhood. As a result, they will typically end up doing it all over again. If your parents are okay with you smoking marijuana, there is a high chance that they are also open to smoking; you can probably expect to see them on 4/20, lighting one up right next to you.

The Culture Vulture

There are not many people who understand the meaning behind the Cinco de Mayo. However, these people still use the Cinco de Mayo as a way to go out and get drinks. This is the same case with 4/20. The Culture Vulture sometimes doesn’t even smoke weed, but instead, will just post some pictures of the drug culture on Facebook. That is the Culture Vulture.

So the question is, which 420 stoner are you?

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  1. There is an evolution here. A first timer can become a stingy stoner faster than you can count to six, hopefully the best of them will know better. Nothing wrong with being a snob if you require clean gear to smoke, though!

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