2 Marijuana Stocks That Will Soon Recover In 2021

Many marijuana stock investors want to know what needs to be done to see more upward trading. The cannabis sector has faced issues with sustaining better trading momentum. The consistency of upward trading has been lacking ever since mid-February. Prior to the recent sector-wide downtrend, many cannabis stocks were able to show consistent upward trading.

Even with moments of volatile trading during that time, many marijuana stocks were able to make full recoveries. Now some analysts have mixed opinions about the future trading of pot stocks in 2021. For instance, some analysts feel that the current trading levels for most marijuana stocks may be the new average in which companies trade. On the other hand, some analysts feel the sector will return to levels it once saw prior to this drop in the sector.

Yet if the sector does return to anything near what it was before the downtrend what would make this so? Well to start more cannabis companies are releasing earnings and updated company info. As well more states are pushing to legalize marijuana. Which would be a big contributor in seeing a boost of trading momentum. Yet perhaps the biggest of them all would be enacting some type of federal cannabis reform. Still yet to be seen but many feel on the day federal cannabis reform is passed it will cause many marijuana stocks to run.

The cannabis industry in its entirety still has a lot more growing to do. The more growth and innovation that takes place in the industry will only add more possible momentum in the market. What investors focus on is what news or update will impact the way a marijuana stock will perform. Meaning the more positive the news is the better chances it will only add more value to the overall sector.

Top Marijuana Stocks For Your 2021 Watchlist

  1. Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:NEPT)
  2. Cansortium Inc. (OTC:CNTMF)

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Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.

Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. operates as an integrated health and wellness company. It builds a portfolio of lifestyle brands and consumer packaged goods products under the Biodroga Neutraceuticals, Forest Remedies, Ocean Remedies, Neptune Wellness. As well as Mood Ring, PanHash, Sprout, Nosh, and NurturMe brands. NEPT Stock

The company offers turnkey product development. In addition to supply chain solutions to business customers in various health and wellness verticals, such as legal cannabis and hemp. From the second half of May to the first week and a half of June NEPT stock was on the rise. Trading from May 13th to the 28th of the month NEPT stock saw an increase of 17 percent during that time.

Moving forward trading from the start of June to the 10th NEPT stock was still able to continue its climb. Yet right after the 10th is when the company began to lose its upward push in the market. The rest of June resulted in a further drop in trading. This market decline followed over into the next month of trading. So far July has continued to fare the same as the previous month.

Yet currently NEPT stock has started to build a little upward trading momentum. Hopefully, the company will be able to keep its rise going as a new month of trading will shortly begin. With August almost here investors are still paying attention to this marijuana stock to watch.

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Cansortium Inc.

Cansortium Inc. through its subsidiaries, produces and sells medical cannabis in the United States. The company engages in the cultivation, processing, retail, and distribution activities. Its medical cannabis products are offered in oral drops, capsules, suppositories, topicals, syringes, dried flower, prerolls, cartridges, and edibles. The company provides its products under the Fluent brand name.


Back in April, the company had a nice upward push which set a nice pace for CNMTF stock in the market. Even with a drop in trading at the close of April, the start of May was done at a decent market level. Yet the company was not able to rise from its position a loss of momentum soon followed. In the first 2 weeks of May CNTMF stock fluctuated in price and toward the ned began to recover.

From May 17th to the 28th CNTMF stock finished the month with an 18 percent increase in trading heading into June. Trading from June 1st to the 14th although volatile the company held a promising market position. Yet right after this time the company was not able to sustain this rise. Much of the trading that happened in June resulted in a drop in the market with the exception of June 22nd to the 24th.

Those 2 days at the end of the month were the only time during the fall that CNTMF showed signs of a recovery. As of trading in July the company was still having issues recovering for most of July. Yet currently CNTMF stock has recently started to show better action and has begun to climb back up in the market. The question remains will this cannabis stock to watch continue to climb or fall once more?

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