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The cannabis market in the U.S. has been alive and well for some time now, but years of challenging legislation has meant that businesses have not been able to reach their full potential. This issue could be changing in the near future as a new public sentiment and changing legislation could likely help to make marijuana a reality nationwide.

One of the shocking pieces of news has continued to be the states in the U.S. that are working to legalize cannabis. Oklahoma, an otherwise conservative state, recently became one of the newest guys on the block to approving access to marijuana with one of the freest legislative pieces throughout the nation. The Gov. Of the state, Mary Fallin stated that she is going to continue working to make sure that this new initiative is responsibly initiated and that she has not yet approved the use of recreational cannabis.

With this newest state joining the fight, it makes thirty states that have put in some sort of legal measures for the use of cannabis. Nine of those states have approved cannabis’ use for recreational purposes including the District of Columbia. All of this has come together to show that there is an overwhelmingly positive sentiment regarding the legislation of cannabis in the U.S., or in other words, the public would like to see cannabis be legalized on a large scale basis.

There are currently several individuals who have been working to build a new basis for legislation on a nationwide level that may end up being more effective than ever before. Chuck Schumer, a Sen. from New York recently introduced a bill that would effectively decriminalize cannabis’ use at the federal level, which is what the people have wanted all along. Many individuals have been looking at the potential presidential candidates to see how much they will be in favor of legalizing cannabis, and things do appear to be looking good across the board. Guy Cecil, a democratic strategist stated recently that “I don’t think there’s any question that in the places we’ve seen legalization on the ballot, that it has increased interest in the election on the part of young voters in particular, that it has increased turnout in those states — that’s not the reason somebody should be for it! — but I certainly think it’s a winner just in terms of the pure politics of it.” Cannabis has continued to present an interesting initiative to the government given its medical potential as well as the desire to use it for recreational purposes by the public.

Many individuals such as Virginia’s Ralph Northam have been calling for the decriminalization of cannabis as it has a lot to do with criminal justice reform as well. His efforts have been working to stall the legislature into considering new ballot initiatives as well as chaining their sentiment to be more in line with what the people want.

According to one poll, in 2000, 31% of Americans stated that they were in favor of having legal marijuana at the national level, but this number from 2017 has jumped by over double to around 61%. This overwhelming support means that we may be seeing cannabis legalized in the near future, but only time will tell. The industry on cannabis throughout North America is still very much in its infant stages which means that there are a large amount of factors that still need to be ironed out. The hopes are high that over the course of the next coming years, the marijuana market will be able to be legalized to the needs of the people.

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