Marijuana has become a hotbed for discussion over the course of the past few years. With so many states in the U.S. choosing to legalize the substance for recreational and medicinal use, many are still wondering as to why it is not legal from a federal perspective. There are many factors of course that are at play here, but as the market flourishes, the question continues to be begged by a large portion of the public.

Studies have shown that a vast majority of the U.S. population is in favor of legalizing marijuana and there are many benefits that seem to show why. A new study came out recently showing that traffic deaths in several states actually declined after they chose to legalize the use of recreational cannabis. While these studies may still be too immature to use to fully judge the impact of cannabis legislation, the positive matter is that the data is showing more and more reasons to change the laws.

One of the reasons for legalizing the use of marijuana nationwide is that many states are struggling with the current laws. Throughout the market, we have seen high tax rates as well as a large amount of black market competition, selling cannabis at much cheaper prices than the legal alternative.

The state of California is one that has been trying to solve this issue in recent times. Assemblyman Rob Bonta from Alameda County, CA stated that “we’re all in this for the long haul. It’s incumbent on us to continue to monitor what’s happening and course correct if necessary.” Some new bills that are looking to go into place are stating that they should be able to give cannabis businesses the same benefits and opportunities as any other legal entity, which is true but not yet fully represented in the legislature.

Bonta and other politicians in the state are currently working to impart a new bill that would allow legal cannabis growers a better chance at competing with the cheaper black market alternatives. It states that there should be a three-year tax reduction which would make the tax around 11%. This would help the growers to lower their prices, and be able to better combat the illegal sales of cannabis. The bill has shown support from both parties in the state which means that it could become a reality soon enough.

One of the major issues with cannabis law in the nation is that it is not a unanimous decision by all states. While the majority of U.S. states have chosen to legalize the substance, some have shown that they are vehemently against its legalizing. This creates an atmosphere that is unfriendly to new laws.

The simple answer to this is to have the federal government be able to cooperate with individual state laws as opposed to fighting against it from a broad perspective. It’s extremely clear that a legal marijuana market can function if a state so chooses, but the only issue that stands in the way of its full potential is that of the federal government.

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