Cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, ganja, Mary Jane. It’s getting the 15 minutes of fame it finally deserves, and it’s happening right now.
Traditionally, whenever anyone spoke the words “cannabis” and “entrepreneur” together in the same breath, it was understood as one thing: drug dealer. That’s changing very fast — and technology will play a huge factor in the industry’s future legitimacy.

Once the products and the industry are efficiently controlled, eCommerce becomes the best middle ground for transactions; Reviews for products, as well as providers, need to work just like every other store or commonly sold item. 
Reaching the industry’s extremely targeted demographic will become more and more competitive.

As all of these companies are up and running, they begin to resemble other American industrial mainstays, financial technology and payments come into the equation. Rather the current state of play, where most transactions are in cash, Bitcoin, credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal will all have a specific role in your purchase of an “eighth” with one-click on a user-friendly app. While banks and financial institutions have stayed away from working with the industry because of its questionable legal status, and until there is adequate and transparent technology, a void will continue to exist and, therefore, present a major business opportunity.

With mobile usage comes the right-now economy. Anything you want today will be yours on-demand when you want it — and so will marijuana. Enterprises are coming up everywhere that promise to drop off your medicine within the hour, and some will even provide a medical consultation via your mobile device. Got an appetite after using marijuana? Partnerships and cross-marketing opportunities with the $70 billion food delivery and takeout industry are huge.

So why is the “Green Rush” happening and why should anyone get involved? Within almost every other established industry, all of the technology opportunities that have talked about in this article have already been flagged and tagged, and companies are currently competing for their piece of the industry. Here, within legal marijuana, the field is completely wide open! As the industry continues to expand and becomes more viable as legalization spreads, the allure for professionals and experienced operators to enter the fray becomes that much more real and that much more lucrative.

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