Another Republican Presidential Candidate is Anti-Marijuana

Another name was added to the list of Republican presidential candidates against legal marijuana after Ohio Governor John Kasich called it a terrible idea. Governor Kasich joined a group of unlikely candidates who are desperately trying to stay in the running.

These remarks come only a few weeks after Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire overwhelmingly supported the belief that states should be able to carry out their own marijuana laws without federal interference. More than 60% of GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire said that states should be able to set their own marijuana laws.

The survey was conducted by Public Policy Polling after GOP candidates, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio stepped up their anti-marijuana rhetoric in recent weeks.

Terrible idea to join this group

Governor Kasich joined a group of unlikely and laughable presidential candidates. Over the weekend, Governor Christie said that he wants the founder of FedEx to come and work for the government to show United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) how to set up a system for tracking people…it would be funny if he was not serious.

Governor Kasich said, “It sends mixes messages to young people about drugs. I don’t think we should do that. We need to tell young people to stay off drugs.”

Marijuana is on the 2016 ballot in a number of swing states

Marijuana legality remains a potent issue in key electoral states, which guarantees that the candidates will be drawn into the debate. The presence of a marijuana initiative on any state ballot will also result in a significant increase in voter turnout.

At least 20 ballot initiative efforts in eight states are already gathering attention in their push for legal medical and/or recreational marijuana. The states that are working to place a marijuana initiative on the ballot include Arizona, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, and Nevada. These states account for 171 electoral votes!

Authored by: Michael Berger
Michael Berger is the president and founder of Technical420, an independent research firm focused specifically on the cannabis sector. He was working for the equity research department at Raymond James Financial Inc., when he recognized a need for a service that provides up-to-date research and analysis on companies that operate in the cannabis industry. Mr. Berger studied finance and economics at Florida State University and is working toward achieving his CFA charter.

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