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The marijuana industry has benefitted greatly in the past year or so given the new legislation that has come about with the shifting public perception of the substance. Despite a large amount of positivity coming from around the industry, there are still several barriers that are in the way and act as an impediment to the changing marijuana market.

While the industry is functioning quite well, it seems as though the growers and other first-tier businesses are seeing the hardest time when it comes to developing. In terms of investments, it may show a solid time to take a look at the companies not working directly with marijuana, and rather the ones that are working in the ancillary side of the industry.

Nabis Holdings (NABIF/NAB) is one of the primary investment issuers based out of the Canadian landscape. The company has been working with high-quality cash flowing assets throughout various industries and not just cannabis. One of the most intriguing parts of the company is that the co-founders were previously the heads of MPX Bioceutical. For those who don’t know, MPW Bioceutical completed the largest takeover in the cannabis space to date. This just goes to show the amount of experience and expertise that they have in the industry.

In recent news, the company announced that they have received municipal approval in Michigan for ten cultivation spaces and one processing area. The approvals come in an industry which makes Michigan one of the largest medicinal cannabis spaces in the nation. Nabis Holdings stated that they have been working to acquire a property based in the city of Bangor, Michigan which has all of the aforementioned approvals. This will take their total number of licensed facilities to eight in Michigan. This also follows the closing of five other properties also announced earlier in the year.

The goal is to be able to produce as much s 3,750 pounds per harvest, which should equal around 22,000 for the year. This production number definitely puts them in the run for one of the budding growers of marijuana, although it does not put them in the top category at the current time. The goal is to use this newest grow as a sort of test, where they can then work on increasing yields for the future of the industry.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is one of the largest producers of marijuana in the whole of the industry. The company currently carries around 20% of total market share which they have maintained throughout the last quarter. One of the most critical aspects of their business is the fact that they are currently producing upwards of 150,000 kilograms of marijuana per year, but this number should jump to over half a million kilograms in the next few years.

They have seen their sales continuously skyrocket over the past few quarters, but it does look like there may be increasing competition as the market continues to grow. All in all, Aurora Cannabis remains as an interesting cannabis company to watch as a marker for the top of the industry.

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