America’s outlook on the legalization of marijuana is different from the viewpoint of many other nations. America had always viewed marijuana legalization as a radical idea, but recently the issue has attracted lots of attention and support. This is different from other nations such as Canada because they always had this liberal output toward the drug. America is looking at marijuana’s success in other nations, and this is influencing their change of heart, but many states have taken these examples as warnings to become more strict.

In Canada, the executive branch of the Canadian government is currently being controlled by the liberal party. The people opposed to the marijuana movement commonly belong to the conservative senate. The current hold of power is what’s allowing the legalization process within Canada to happen so smooth and rapid. It has been question for quite some time now about when Canada will finally legalize weed, and allow Canadians to purchase marijuana in retails stores. Plans originally set this date to be at the beginning of this summer, but new plans show that Canada is ready to legalize marijuana by the end of summer.

Legalization wasn’t always a widely accepted principle in Canada, but its been a main focus and battle since the liberal party took over power on the legalization platform. But finally a bill has been put into place even though it has to gain approval on several levels before it’s active. There will need to be an investigation at a Senate Committee, and while this could take some time, the deadline for getting the bill through the Senate is June 7th. Canada also finds it important to give their political authorities a decent amount of time to look over and create restrictions on smoking and rules regarding marijuana sale. After all is said and done, Canada’s government decisions will hopefully set a positive example for America’s federal government.

While areas such as Canada are making all these advancements within marijuana and its legalization, other areas of the United States have decided to take a step back. Massachusetts was recently planning on getting ready for marijuana legalization within the state, but it seems as though the movement has taken a turn. Almost all of the state’s towns have banned retail sale of the drug. About two years ago, voters passed the legalization of recreational cannabis, and since then the process has experienced many issues.

It’s strange because even though marijuana will be legal in the state, noone will be able to buy it, and the drug won’t be accessible. These rules regarding retail sale also pay mind to the retailers and cultivators within the industry. Massachusetts showed a 54 percent approval to legalize recreational marijuana, yet still 189 towns have banned its retail sale. Of the remaining 162 towns within the state, it will still be difficult to find or buy weed. A town manager, Adam Chapdelaine, made a statement about the public’s view toward the drug saying, “There are definitely people who say, ‘Yeah, I want it legal, but I don’t want it next door.”

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  1. I think your information about Massachusetts is incorrect. I live in Massachusetts and according to most cities/towns have a moratorium which will be replaced by zoning laws (which would be expected) or it is under review or town officials have decided to wait to take action. As of June 2, 2017, there were 30 that have banned it.

  2. LOL – that is the definition of “liberal” (ala Phil Ochs)
    But “such as Canada because they always had this liberal output toward the drug” – I’m not sure what you mean by “output”, but, when I and my MD partner came across to Canada in 2007, Canadians nearly took the car apart sniffing for drugs. Coming back into US, a breeze. I have a US felony for growing in 1971.
    But congratulations on moving forward*

  3. As of June 2, 2017, about 40 cities/towns have banned it, (according to but most are either under review or officials have decided to wait on any action. A lot of them have a moratorium.
    These moratoriums temporarily limit building or opening establishments connected with commercial scale retail, distribution and growing of marijuana. Most moratoriums will later be replaced by more permanent zoning requirements that regulate the locations of businesses. This was to be expected. Their map shows the city where I live has a moratorium but there is none and several cannabis companies are setting up facilities for cultivation/distribution/dispensaries. Each license for medicinal qualifies a company for 3 licenses for recreational. A CEO of a well known company expects Massachusetts to be the catalyst that sparks market growth in the Northeast.

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