The opinions and advancements made within marijuana culture vary with every state and their willingness to accept the drug. Colorado is one of the states that sees the vision and market for marijuana, and they have allowed the industry to boom. People are realizing that a state like this won’t be able to step down from the strong position it has taken on the drug, and all Colorado can do is continue to progress the movement.

Historically, liberals have been the ones in support of more radical ideas while conservatives have usually the opposite. Mitch McConnell is the Senate’s Majority Leader, and he is also a republican, so it came as a shock when he gave his full support for the industry. He presented his opinion that federal laws regarding hemp should loosen up. He even introduced a new act, that furthered his support. He spoke about The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, and this would be removing hemp from regulation as a controlled substance. It would ultimately treat the drug as an agricultural commodity.

Colorado is the leading state in hemp growth, and if federal laws were shortened concerning the issue than this would be very positive for growers. This could allow these people to expand their businesses and expertise. Previously hemp had to abide under strict federal restrictions due to the Agricultural Act of 2014, but this will expire this year and leave room for looser outlook on laws.

Aside from all of the advancements and new ideas Colorado is beginning to accept, there are several issues that the state feels they need to take more serious in order to promote safety. Driving under the influence has become a very popular trend, but it’s also very deadly. Colorado’s state transportation officials are getting the opinion of residents as they try to understand the public’s thoughts on driving under the influence of marijuana.

This all roots from the state’s increased participation and support for the drug, but Colorado is determined to lead this safety campaign in response to the increased popularity. It has been given the name The Cannabis Conversation, and it was launched earlier this year. The state hopes that a campaign like this will promote the safety that is necessary for the drugs rapid growth.

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